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Topic: Frank Tomasello,.. Pittsburgh
Message: Posted by: gallagher (May 31, 2012 01:55PM)
Gosh, somewhere on the 5th floor of an old downtown Pittsburgh highrise, Frank Tomasello had his Shop,... and "Class room".
Paul Kozak, Paul Gertner, Doc Daugherty,... I was only 15 years old. That was back in the `70s.
I walked into his Shop, because of an add, in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,.. showing a stout, full haired man, playing with "Chinesse Linking Rings". ,... "classes will be given. Starting this coming Saturday."
Arriving in his Shop, the following weekend; I found a big guy, with a big heart,... and a bald head(!),... my first lesson in magic.,.. a Toupet.,.. hmmmm. (Paul Kozak, fresh out of the Navy,.. the first man I met with an ear-ring,.. same Shop!)

Does anyone know what became of the Gentle Man?,... he truely was.

thanks for the moment,
Message: Posted by: Anverdi-museum (Mar 14, 2013 08:53AM)
I have fond memories of Frank's magic shop downtown Pittsburgh. It was in the Fulton Bldg when I went, possibly it was somewhere else prior. Parking was always rough down there, I usually caught a bus.

Frank Tomasello had a cool shop, well stocked. I remember his two sons - twins I believe and his first wife which I believe was a nurse, they all helped out in the shop. When I graduated h.s. I hopped a bus to his place the next day and blew all of it on magic - man, that's dedication!

Anyway, Frank passed away a good fifteen or more years ago, I believe it was cancer.

I was in his shop a few month's before closing they said the rent was killing them, that was even a problem back then - now with the economy it is unbearable.

I had a brochure Frank gave me years ago highlighting his shows - I cannot find this now. He had a picture with Don Riggs and the duck puppet ( can't remember his name ) on the Sat. morning cartoon show on formerly WIIC TV here in Pittsburgh.

Remember WTAE's Adventure Time with Paul Shannon? My old buddy Harry Albacker was a regular on there in the early years - another Pittsburgh great.

Chuck Caputo