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Topic: Ever been caught loading a coin on a spectator?
Message: Posted by: ChessMess (Oct 10, 2003 12:05PM)
What did you do?

Is it just urban legend that a magician once accidentally loaded a coin into a womanís bra without her noticing, resulting in a subsequent flooring of everyone around when the disappeared coin 'reappeared'?
Message: Posted by: KJ (Oct 10, 2003 10:00PM)
I'm not sure if that's even possible but I do think it would be funny. I have accidentally loaded a coin in someoneís pants when I tossed it at their pocket. I am still hazy on how it got there, but she was a bit freaked out and didn't talk to me again that night because she thought I was the devilÖ crazy eh?

Message: Posted by: r4bid (Oct 10, 2003 10:23PM)
I have been caught a few times.
Luckily people tend to focus only on the coin that they see you loading and not any other coins that you may have on you.
Most of the time when I am caught I end up loading a different coin onto a different spectator while everyone is laughing about my mishap.
I then ask why everyone is laughing. They say that they know that I was loading a coin on so and so. I say what coin? You mean the one in ___s left back pocket? ___ freaks out checks his/her pocket and everyone forgets that I ever messed up.
Message: Posted by: lowphat (Oct 11, 2003 08:51AM)
One time I tossed a quarter into a friend of mines pocket who was walking away. He was about 12ft. away and it actually went in. He turned around right away and laughed because he felt it. (Heís a magician also, so itís not a big deal.) I've never been able to repeat it.

Low Phat :hotcoffee:
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Oct 16, 2003 01:07PM)
Iíve been caught a few times. I need to improve my misdirection.
Message: Posted by: Chad Sanborn (Oct 17, 2003 11:40AM)
I do a coin on the shoulder routine in the restaurants. Occasionally, the person who had the coin on the shoulder would laugh or move and the coin would drop off. Sometimes, (rarely) it would hit the carpeted floor unnoticed. Mostly it would hit the table with a clang. Itís as though it fell out of nowhere. I would usually just look up at the ceiling and say "thank you", like God or somebody just dropped me the coin. Then I pretend to pocket it, actually bringing it back out and going back into the routine.
But I never got caught during the actual loading sequence. Just a casual hand on the shoulder for a second or two is all it took.

Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Oct 20, 2003 02:03AM)
Only once. The guy thought I was trying to pick his pocket.
Message: Posted by: mithrius (Oct 20, 2003 07:18AM)
Funny, I've been busted picking a guy's pocket. He thought I was loading a coin.
Message: Posted by: jerdunn (Oct 22, 2003 03:34PM)
One idea: Have a coin in classic palm and another in finger palm. During a production sequence, reach into someone's pocket (e.g., pocket on a coat) and drop one coin into it just before coming out with the other coin. The spectator will react as if you produced or found it in his pocket Ö and never suspect that you left another coin behind. (You can always mask this encounter by producing other coins from his elbow, ear, etc.)

In any case, the coin you leave behind can come in handy later, maybe as part of a Flurry routine, a Coins Across, or (if you've loaded a bent coin) a PK-type effect.