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Topic: First time giving it a shot
Message: Posted by: brianherb1 (Jul 3, 2012 10:31AM)
Hi all, I'm completely new to busking. I'm in New York City right now and I thought I am trying to get started. I've read Jimmy's blog and a lot of the posts on the forums and done a lot of preparation. I decided to try in Times Square, even though it's not a weekend because its always crowded here. I am currently writing this from my phone while I'm out here. The problem I've run into is getting any one at all to stop and watch, rather than just walk by. I have some flash that I use to try and draw people in. I have a laminated sign that says "Magic Show" and some chains and a deck of cards ontop of a blanket next to it and I've been using the linking rings rings to try and draw people in. I'm not sure if it's because it's to early in the day or if I have another problem going on.
Can anyone help me with this?
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jul 3, 2012 10:51AM)
I think Times Square is too busy a place to busk.Go to Washington Square or Union Square.Thats where buskers in N.Y.C.work their pitch.

Message: Posted by: solrak29 (Jul 3, 2012 11:15AM)
Times Square is tough pitch; I work it myself...

Take your time; don't rush it...as many new
people do.

I've pm'd ya...
Message: Posted by: WilliamMckeehan (Jul 4, 2012 01:41PM)
Be happy you live in a huge city! I am going to start performing for the first time next week. But I live in a city that I have seen like 3 buskers in my life... They all played guitar too. So keep at it and good luck!
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jul 4, 2012 07:51PM)
Check out the street busking DVDs. There is a thread on that in this forum.
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Jul 4, 2012 08:54PM)
And definately pick up Jimmy's book. If you read his blog, this is a no-brainer.
Message: Posted by: Bobert (Jul 5, 2012 12:03AM)
Greetings Everyone!
I just spent the day splitting a pitch with Brian. Once he got over that initial nervousness he handled himself very well. He has put together a very original show. I won't tell you what's in it because that's his business but I was happy to see someone who is working so hard to do something original, entertaining, and fun.
@Don I agree so much Times Square is a very difficult place to pull a good crowd. Union Square, Washington Square, and Central Park are three good pitches in NYC.

@Ekuth Jimmy's book is definitly a must and he made enough to buy it today I'm sure.

Good Luck And Fat hats!

Message: Posted by: brianherb1 (Jul 5, 2012 08:40AM)
I just wanted to thank all of you, Solrak, and especially Bobert so much for helping to get going!
Message: Posted by: brianherb1 (Jul 6, 2012 05:52PM)
Here's a picture of me performing in central park today with Bobert, just so you guys know how I'm doing. I thought it went fantastic!

Message: Posted by: imgic (Jul 6, 2012 06:16PM)
What a great picture. Even better by fact of one Busker helping another. Keep at it and please keep us posted.
Message: Posted by: Paddy (Jul 7, 2012 08:48AM)
Hey it's a scary thing to be in the streets. Not really dangerous unless you start flashing money but the fear we all have is "what if I BOMB!" How do I handle failure. And YES you will fail, every one of us has, more than once. but we all got back out there and kept going, and improving until we were successful.

I was talking to a busker on the east coast, what he does in work strictly festivals, but he does it in a very unique way. No That is his secret to tell not mine. He asked me to try it where I live and in less than an hour I have 3 fests booked. Yea it's a new show that I just wrote to fit in this venue, not like the usual fests I work. But hey if you don't try you never lear. Might be I'll change mu whole venue and show, might not, might work both next year. we'll see
Message: Posted by: Magician Shaun (Jul 7, 2012 07:12PM)

Congrats, I envy you having an experienced performer to work with you out there. I am going to try to find someone to work with me and critique what I am doing and try improve my show through their advice.
Message: Posted by: WilliamMckeehan (Jul 8, 2012 02:11PM)
Awesome pictures and good job!!!
Message: Posted by: Eduardo (Jul 8, 2012 05:15PM)
What a beautiful place... I know its hot in NYC this days... and you choose the place. Hope you and your audience enjoyed the experience...

I only mention one sugestion... think about: are visual style, clothes, props etc... important... I'm not telling you to use prada... but how could clothes and style influence the audience about your caracter... think about that... I could not see your face in the picture... I only saw your clothes, people jugde you by your apearence... do not forget that... I rarely give advice of this nature to someone, but in this particular case I 'have to' because of the simple fact that I wear much like you when I started busking some time ago... the performer I see in the photo is a magician? one day one veteran busker, told me: you should use some classic jacket, so people know you are the real thing... I skiped the conversation... but this year I was busking with a famous magician and friend that is not a busker, and that I wont teel you the name... and I realize many things about style and that kind of futile things... and the importance of it...

Message: Posted by: Devious (Jul 15, 2012 08:07PM)
On 2012-07-04 14:41, WilliamMckeehan wrote:
Be happy you live in a huge city! I am going to start performing for the first time next week. But I live in a city that I have seen like 3 buskers in my life... They all played guitar too. So keep at it and good luck!

I don't know how close you are to Cloudcroft,NM. but I've busked there at several street festivals.
You can also perform with some regularity at the Inn of The Mountain Gods in the formal restaurants
at the Casino.

I did'nt see any opportunity for busking in Alamogordo, but you can busk with some decent success
in Roswell during one of the many Alien Fests....

Best of luck to ya out there Brother!
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Jul 15, 2012 08:40PM)
Look at those beautiful trees! Very nice venue. Good for you! :)