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Topic: Rubberband Ending
Message: Posted by: Andy Young (Jul 15, 2012 04:57PM)
I have worked through Dan Harland's Rubber band DVDs the 3 volume one and Band Sharks. I have a solid routine put together the only thing I am missing is a nice closing piece. I am not really a fan of Harlan's big rubber band ball ender and thus I don't use it. I was wondering if anybody knew of a good finisher for rubber bands. I am just looking for a logical ending trick, doesn't have to be an oh my gosh effect although that would be great. To help out I start with penetrations, then linking bands, and then broken to restored effects.
Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: SHLONKY (Jul 22, 2012 04:02AM)
I love dans band magic..i learned a lot from him...

this may sound cheesy...but the band up the nose trick could be a finisher.... its a good way to end up with no bands

actually.... how about the rising ring trick? I'm not sure if that's its real name...but the one where you break a band and hold it on an angle and a ring goes UP the band. ..you could end with that and then hand them the band as a souvineer

usually I start off a routine with band magic, but ill only throw in a few like the cuffs and band thru finger, I think they make a nice start and a great build up to card magic.
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Jul 22, 2012 11:02AM)
Do the rubber band up the nose, then pull a rubber band back out of your other nostril and try to give it away. You can't beat that for a closer!