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Topic: Jeff McBride Lecture in Mexico
Message: Posted by: alpha alex (Jul 19, 2012 10:25PM)
So I had the opportunity to catch Jeff McBride new lecture in Mexico city.. first of all I have never seen Jeff McBride doing lectures just his regular show.. and let me tell you.. he is awesome.. it is not just the great workers he teaches (his double-shot production is really something ill be using) but it is also all the theory and all the passion he expresses while he is lecturing about magic.. it is uplifting and it is just awesome to see Jeff Live..
Also he did teach his latest dvd routine.. the Squeak Technique and Bravo is a great character, it is a really funny routine you should look for it!

So Bravo to Jeff!! thanks for coming to Mexico and sharing all your magic, knowledge and wisdom with us!