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Topic: Peter Turner Lecture and Masterclass, Holland
Message: Posted by: Stephen Young (Jul 31, 2012 02:34AM)
Because the initial notification of this was a little nebulous. (see Bigger Fish BIGGER NEWS thread)


and the details that are finally falling into place are buried way down that thread, I have started this one so that people don't have to go fishing for info.

So......here's the details I have at the moment.
Both events, Workshop/masterclass and the lecture are planned to take place at the same venue.
We have narrowed the choice down to two places now and hope to have a final choice made by the end of the week.

The locations are both in the centre of The Hague, within walking distance of the train station.
On a direct train line from Schipol airport (45 minutes +/-)

The workshop/masterclass will take place on Sunday 9th September (13:00H +/-)
Duration; Knowing how Peter likes to talk, it will run well into the evening
Spaces will be limited to 12.
Price for attendance will be 100 GB that is 128 Euros

The lecture will PROBABLY take place on Tuesday 11th September (19:00H) Date still to be confirmed.
Duration; Minimum, one and a half hours, but again likely to well overrun.
Spaces are not limited
Price for attendance will be 25 that is 32 Euros

Bookings now being taken.
Fees can be paid via Paypal to info@thoughtillusions.com.

Message: Posted by: Stephen Young (Aug 3, 2012 05:58AM)
Update only 4 places left for the workshop