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Message: Posted by: Devious (Aug 3, 2012 05:46PM)
It seems that for many years the folks who are canning tuna
were short changing us on our portions.

San Diego based Bumble Bee and Starkist ordered to pay
3.3 Million Dollar settlement.

They were ordered to supply the food banks with hundreds of thousands
of producct as part of the settlement.

I'm sure there are some great lines of humour in this case.
Puns galore. I cannot for the life of me come up with some.....

"Tastes great!"
"Yeah, but there's less Filling, hmmmm?"
Message: Posted by: TomBoleware (Aug 3, 2012 07:13PM)
"Sorry Charlie"

Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Aug 3, 2012 07:20PM)
Mercury Rising?
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Aug 3, 2012 07:51PM)
That is nice for the food banks. Too bad the companies will likely send out the lowest quality they can get away with.