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Topic: "Pure Effect" - 1st Edition - How Much Does it Fetch?
Message: Posted by: dave3000 (May 14, 2002 02:35PM)

Can anyone tell me what is a fair price for the first edition of "Pure Effect" by Derren Brown?

Also what would be a fair price for the pre-print version of the same title? Ok I'm probably living in cloud cuckoo land even entertaining the possibility that I could get a copy of this (the pre-print version), but you never know stranger things have happened!

Thanks in anticipation.

Message: Posted by: Bob Baker (May 14, 2002 07:20PM)

I saw a copy go on eBay for around $80. A bit excessive, I think, since a re-print is coming soon.

The original was self-published by Derren. I doubt anyone who has one would part with it.

Bob Baker
Message: Posted by: leondo (May 14, 2002 08:00PM)
Just for the record, I GAVE mine away.
Ted (Leondo)
Message: Posted by: dave3000 (May 15, 2002 03:45PM)

WHY?? Very generous? Or very unimpressed?

Message: Posted by: Quentin (May 15, 2002 04:19PM)
I suspect the original (the very first )edition would be worth more than any of the later editions because it contained routines from Derren's professional repertoire which did not appear in the later editions.

I was one of the lucky few to see one of Derren's first performances at the Llandudno convention in Wales in 1999. He created a sensation amongst the magicians and fooled many of them very badly.

It was a thrill to see such a polished and original performance from someone who at that time was fairly new to mentalism.