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Topic: NEEDED: Rubber Bands for Silly Billy's Magic Party Picture Maker
Message: Posted by: Rodney Palmer (Aug 27, 2012 01:23AM)
I need 5-10 Rubber Bands for Silly Billy's Magic Party Picture Maker. I have tried contacting David Kaye and so far I have received no response. So I am asking the Café' to help me out. I would be more than Happy to purchase these from you. I have searched all over the Internet and cannot find them for less tha $ 25.00 and you get 1,000's of them. I only need 10 or so. If you have some or you know where to purchase these please let me know I am desperate.

Message: Posted by: Wes Holly (Aug 27, 2012 09:26AM)
I don't know the apparatus and I'm assuming these rubber bands are a special size you can't get at the office supply store. $25 for all you will ever need sounds a good deal to me (rubber bands don't take up much space). You might make your money back by offering to sell your surplus in packs of 100.

If these are the small bands you might use for a crystal silk tube, you might try cutting a 260 balloon into little circles. It works, but they don't last long.
Message: Posted by: David Kaye (Aug 27, 2012 03:54PM)

I have no record of you asking me for rubber bands.

I would be happy to send you some rubber bands for the trick. In fact I will send you the correct rubber bands which unfortunately do not come with the trick.

I will make this offer to anyone on the Café. If you have the trick and want the correct rubber bands, then write to my email getsilly@aol.com with the words rubber bands in the subject. and give me your address.

Rodney, do the same and I will send you rubber bands. however, please expect at least two weeks for delivery.

david kaye
Message: Posted by: Rodney Palmer (Aug 29, 2012 12:38AM)

Thank You for your most Kind Genorosity. I have emailed you and I hope that you received it this time. I sure can use the Rubber Bands. Again, Thank You for willing to send these out as I have been going crazy trying to find them.

Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Aug 29, 2012 08:59AM)
If you go to a large stationary store you will find a variety pack of pure latex rubber bands for about $1.25 there are made by Alliance, and are sold under the name "Brites" rubber band. I'm sure there is a rubber band in that variety pack that will fit your needs, and they are the best rubber bands made. I don't know what trick you are referring to, but they don't call me the rubber band man for nothing.
Message: Posted by: Joseph_Then (Aug 30, 2012 03:30AM)
I lost the rubber band last time, too. What I did was I took my girl's black color hairband and it worked pretty well. :D
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Aug 30, 2012 06:42AM)
Hey guys all rubber bands dry out eventually, but if you invest about a buck and a half in the variety pack I recommended and keep them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator you will be set for the rest of your life without bothering Silly Billy every 6 months to a year for a fresh one. This is not rocket science.
Message: Posted by: Rodney Palmer (Aug 31, 2012 12:43AM)
Well, Silly Billy has now contacted me and has sent me some Rubber Bands for his effect. He sent them on Thursday so I should get them some time next week. And this offer is open to anyone that has his effect. All you have to do is email him with the directions above.

AL, I have tried going to Staples, Office Max, or Local Office Supply Stores and None of them carried # 94 Rubber Bands 1/2 Inch x 7". I tried on Line at places such as Uline and a few other place and no one had what I was looking for. I know of the Variety Pack that you are reffering to and it does not contain what I need. Thank You for your suggestion.

Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Aug 31, 2012 07:31AM)
#94 rubber bands are not available anywhere in less than a pound bags. I had no idea you wanted such an extremely odd size. I have to say that if you want just a couple of them you must contact Silly Billy.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Sep 1, 2012 12:37PM)
What in the world do you put that giant rubber band on, a clip board? I am an expert on rubber band magic, but this a whole nother animal, and it made me laugh.
Message: Posted by: Rodney Palmer (Sep 2, 2012 01:17AM)

Silly Billy Manufactures an effect for Children's Shows and it is called "Magic Party Picture. I am sure that you are familiar with an effect called "Out to Lunch". This uses the same principle except it uses a very large Rubber Band to hold the Picture on the Cardboard Holder.

See the Magic Party Picture effect below and this should give you an idea.

Magic Party Picture

Turn any child in your audience into a magical artist!

Show a simple black and white drawing of a room ready for a birthday party EXCEPT there are no balloons, no decorations, no presents, and the cake has no candles!

A volunteer writes his name across the cake, draws candles on the cake (the number of his age), and writes his age on a party hat, with different colored crayons of his choice. (Click on the left to see examples.)

The performer asks the child to hold the picture while everyone says the magic words. When the picture is turned around, balloons, presents, and decorations have appeared in full color—all on the child’s drawing with his name and handwriting! The child keeps the magic drawing as a souvenir of the show!

This trick is not just for birthday parties. Go to any show and ask for a volunteer "who is having a birthday party this month." Now you can do this trick at every show.

Pure magic, no skill required, resets instantly. Includes the special gimmick, crayons, and supplies for 20 performances.