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Topic: I need some advice please
Message: Posted by: The Magic Ref (Sep 1, 2012 10:38AM)
Hi all, it's been fun reading your posts in this forum over the last week. I'm new to this style of magic and performance. So here's my question, Is there a "Witches Almanac" type trick/effect that dosen't have a "Evil or Satanic" element to it. I do walk around at bars every holloween, and I'm looking for something that is along the line of Witches Almanac but more about mystery or dreams, or death, or anything scary but not satanic. I just don't think I should go there in a busy bar setting where I'm getting paid. I don't want to upset any customers without knowing it.

I love the old worn out antique look that outlaw makes, I need something I can do strolling, and I'm thinking it will be my closer. Currently I do Directors Cut Horror edition, Nightmare Coins, some card magic with strange cards, Higley's 3 no evil and that kind of thing... I know all pretty generic in your guys world of bizzare magic, but they are fun, entertaining and COMMERCIAL! LOL

So what old, distressed looking, strange but not evil effect should I look at for a reputation maker/closer to my walk a round?

Message: Posted by: Paul Prater (Sep 1, 2012 10:41AM)
The Witches Almanac isn't satanic. It has nothing to do with Satan, nor is it evil. I don't see what the problem is.
Message: Posted by: necroloid (Sep 1, 2012 10:44AM)
The WA is not satanic or "evil" at all. It is just a book used to tell fortunes, at least the the way I portray it. I have distressed the cover to the point that it is illegible, but that is more to google proof it than any worry about the actual title.
Message: Posted by: The Magic Ref (Sep 1, 2012 11:38AM)
Hmm ok... I,ve never seen one up close.. It looked like the cover was a big Pentagram?
Message: Posted by: Tim Dowd (Sep 1, 2012 11:48AM)
As harmless as a fortune cookie... Unless you want it to be dark... It's all in the presentation...
Message: Posted by: necroloid (Sep 1, 2012 11:51AM)
Oh yes the Collectors edition. To be honest the spiral bound one is just as good!!
Message: Posted by: The Magic Ref (Sep 1, 2012 11:59AM)
Everyone has said nothing in all the threads except the highest praise.. I'm going to buy one just to have it, but then there is this I read also in a thread...

"I have both Luna and WA, and love them both. I can use WA as part of my "occult" or dark act, and Luna as more of a psychological, rather than "occult" effect. I would never use them for the same crowd, as the books are very similar in size and could be connected in the spec's mind."

I also know there are 100's of comments on Luna. Luna sounds more what I'm looking for but I really have no idea what the trick even does. Can Luna play well strolling? Is it a book test or a cold reading devise?
Message: Posted by: The Magic Ref (Sep 1, 2012 12:10PM)
Ok... I know I'm answering my own questions, but basied on all I have read, I do like Luna. So which one? And what do you all think about it as a walk a round/ strolling effect? I really like the mental hospital theme. To me that has always been scary and I think I can play that well...
Message: Posted by: Paul Prater (Sep 1, 2012 12:10PM)
I wouldn't use Luna for strolling. While technically, yes it could be used, it will lose much of the impact without the ability to really set the proper mood and draw your audience in. While it is admittedly self serving, I would recommend Witch of Glastonbury or Fate and Freewill. Both would work well (and are used by several folks) in strolling routines.
Message: Posted by: DrTodd (Sep 24, 2012 12:30AM)
A pentagram is not satanic either...

Please DO NOT do Luna strolling.....
Message: Posted by: spookyone (Sep 24, 2012 11:14AM)
Why not try the Book of Answers? It has that sort of prediction/fortune telling element to it (I think, I haven't seen it myself...yet) but without the symbolism that people often (mis)interpret as "evil" or "satanic".

A future dreambook version would be neat, where it tells you the meaning of your dreams. That's still a bit new agey/fortune tell-y without being at all dark because it straddles both the mystic and the psychological.
Message: Posted by: David Thiel (Sep 24, 2012 12:15PM)
Lu*a IS a reputation maker...but don't use it for walkabout.

Booktests are strange animals...the only one I do for walkabout is Looch's A*EA booktest...and it's not spooky.

You really need focus from a group to properly do a BT. Having said that, you MAY be able to make it "go" with Refl*ctions from Outlaw. You could put a suitably spooky twist on it, I suppose.

Message: Posted by: Michael_MacDonald (Sep 24, 2012 01:06PM)
Reflections, gh@st, the teller, lunaria, s@nctum 2, zoltar, saw, stigmata, get the book pentology,...

the pentacle and pentagram are not evil symbol. the pentacle is a representation of the goddess. if you look at it you see the arms and legs out stretched. the pentagram is a representation of the lord of the hunt. neither of which have anything to do with satan. satanism is solely a Christian based theology. witches almanac is a book that is not suited for walk around or strolling. what I would suggest is get pentology and put a few of those into play. there are some nice sppok routines there.
also karnival of magic would be a good turning point.
Message: Posted by: spookyone (Sep 24, 2012 01:33PM)
What is Pentology? do you have a link please? Or an author's name?

Message: Posted by: DrTodd (Sep 24, 2012 01:47PM)
Message: Posted by: spookyone (Sep 24, 2012 02:07PM)
Cool, thanks DrTodd! :)