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Topic: The INTRIGUE of Houdini Seance!
Message: Posted by: Sean-Paul (Sep 17, 2012 05:01PM)
Hey Guys!

I just published 1 of 3 videos I am working on to Promote the Houdini events we are producing this October in Eureka Springs.

Please look over the video and feel free to PM with with any comments.

Also - if you guys wouldn't mind sharing it to your facebook pages and spreading it around - just to get the numbers up.

If any one is coming thru Eureka Springs - PM me.

Message: Posted by: Michael_MacDonald (Sep 17, 2012 05:05PM)
Give us a link bro?
Message: Posted by: Sean-Paul (Sep 17, 2012 05:33PM)
Ha - I always do that - too many details on my mind....

thanks Michael!

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Sep 17, 2012 09:09PM)
Message: Posted by: Lucien Astor (Sep 17, 2012 09:36PM)
Wish I could be see it, it looks fantastic!
Message: Posted by: Godzilla (Sep 17, 2012 10:09PM)
Looks,COOL !
Message: Posted by: Cunningham (Sep 19, 2012 05:03PM)
Way to go Sean!! Wish I could be there. Break a leg Brother!
Message: Posted by: James Knight (Sep 19, 2012 11:40PM)
Posted on FB Looks awesome.
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Sep 20, 2012 06:04AM)
Great premise.

Great promo.

Great web site.

Has to be a great show by two seasoned performers.

Can tell by the clips that it surely is!

We will be hand in hand with you on Halloween trying to contact Houdini, as always.

Our Houdini Museum building has been certified by a paranormal group to be haunted.

Wish you were closer as we would rush to catch this must see show.

Hope you have a long sucessfull run.

Dorothy Dietrich& Dick Brookz
Message: Posted by: Paul Prater (Sep 20, 2012 10:49AM)
Sean puts on a terrific show. He is a polished and professional performer. Even my six year old daughter loved the show. I overheard adults talking about how they felt the spirirt presences in the room. So while a kid can love it, it can also creep out adults and leave them wondering. I have seen the show twice and I am sure I will see it again soon. If you can ever make it to Eurekea Springs, I can assure you, you will love the town and the show.
Message: Posted by: TH1 (Sep 20, 2012 03:56PM)
Posted on FB.
Message: Posted by: Sean-Paul (Sep 20, 2012 08:26PM)
Thanks Paul for the kind words.

Its always nice to have you in the audience and to talk shop afterwards!
I hope that you can make it up and see the new material that we have in the show.

Dorothy and Dick thanks for you kind words as well - I hope to see your show someday soon - I have heard great things about it.

Hey everyone I have another video promoting the deadly escape from the rooftop of the Haunted Hotel.

Please check it out and help circulate it! I really appreciate everyones support - it is great to have a forum of like minds to share this with..