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Topic: Chinese coins across in shoelace
Message: Posted by: pokerface (Sep 19, 2012 04:32AM)

This effect is awesome. Does anyone know if it is published?
Message: Posted by: boydy (Sep 19, 2012 05:33AM)
There is a s$%ll involved
Message: Posted by: Daniel Clemente (Sep 19, 2012 10:56PM)
But it still looks like real magic! I love watching Luis perform!
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Sep 19, 2012 11:01PM)
Me too! I know there is a [, but it still fools me! I have no earthly clue... :confused:

Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Sep 20, 2012 01:11AM)
Ive seen this many times and still don't compleatly get the method, but I believe there are 2 ['s involved and I believe the 2 hosts are stooges
Message: Posted by: 15tahures (Sep 20, 2012 04:03AM)
No stooges Poof-Daddy. I´ve seen it done in a live performance and it is exactly what you see in the live tv show.
Pokerface: The effect has been published in El Manuscrito -Dani Daortiz´s magazine-
Message: Posted by: LCBellah (Sep 20, 2012 08:13AM)
Wow! That looks really cool. Thanks for the video...
Message: Posted by: J-Mac (Sep 20, 2012 11:21PM)
Only needs to be one shell. And no stooges - those two are regulars on the show but I've not seen them directly involved in the magic.

Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Sep 20, 2012 11:58PM)
Whatever it is - it darn sure looks magic to me. wish I could understand the patter.
Message: Posted by: magicbymccauley (Sep 21, 2012 06:36AM)
Intense. Awesome. Love it.
Message: Posted by: drbuzzard (Sep 21, 2012 11:18AM)
I believe the set of coins used is very similar to http://www.toddlassen.com/mec.htm
Message: Posted by: Nutz4Tutz (Sep 21, 2012 12:07PM)
Yes, only 1 [ and it was performed incredibly. Thank you for sharing.
Message: Posted by: 15tahures (Sep 23, 2012 03:25AM)
Drbuzzard: You are right. I think that is the same. Luis uses to work with Lassen coins.
Message: Posted by: TWOCAN (Sep 23, 2012 08:05AM)
One [ for sure. Great handling and just the right amount of drama :)
Message: Posted by: Dale Houck (Sep 23, 2012 06:05PM)
Very entertaining and a great routine! I also love his routine with Cameron Diaz.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Clemente (Sep 29, 2012 07:25PM)
On 2012-09-21 12:18, drbuzzard wrote:
I believe the set of coins used is very similar to http://www.toddlassen.com/mec.htm

That's the exact set he used...
Message: Posted by: lukecloughmagic (Sep 30, 2012 03:36PM)
Great routine, I've watched lots of his videos and really like the way he releases the [, where is this technique taught does anyone know?
Message: Posted by: whiteoakcanyon (Sep 30, 2012 06:42PM)
Thank you for posting the video. What a great example of taking a well known standard routine to a new level!
Message: Posted by: Daniel Clemente (Oct 2, 2012 02:44PM)
Question is....where can we learn this routine?
Message: Posted by: Nutz4Tutz (Oct 2, 2012 02:47PM)
Not sure if this exact version is published, just think Translocation with a bit of CCC mixed in. If you know those two routines, then you'll have this trick down.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Clemente (Oct 2, 2012 03:16PM)
I know both....but some of the string parts confuse me!!
Message: Posted by: thatmatt (Oct 2, 2012 03:47PM)
I know translocation and ccc as well, but I'm afraid this trick kind of lost me. I don't speak Spanish, but can understand it to some degree. My initial hypothesis was that the two show hosts were stooges... Are you absolutely sure that they are not involved?
Message: Posted by: Daniel Clemente (Oct 2, 2012 04:46PM)
They are def not involved. It uses a miracle enjoyment set by Todd, which includes a shell. There are a few parts on the routine that are clear using the shell. I'm just lost on some parts!
Message: Posted by: Nutz4Tutz (Oct 2, 2012 04:55PM)
Trooper is correct, they're not involved. I messed around with this routine myself about 4 or so years ago. So my handling might be a tad different, but from what I can tell the coin and [ placement is the same.
Message: Posted by: Bambu (Oct 2, 2012 06:05PM)
The effect has been published in El Manuscrito -Dani Daortiz´s magazine-[/quote]

I looked at the published "El Manuscrito", there is not mention of this routine.
Message: Posted by: 15tahures (Oct 3, 2012 04:26AM)
This routine was published in "El manuscrito" number 21. (The one with Chan Canasta in the cover) It is a good descriptión of the routine but Luis is working in a new book and a deep description of the routine will be in it -The book will be ready may be in two or three years- He invests a lot of time in his books, you know. ¿Have you seen "monedas y otras historias"? It is an amazing book. Is not easy to get in the USA but is an incredible work of art. http://luispiedrahita.com/blog/archives/4254 Here is a link with Dani Daortiz and Luis talking about the book. http://elmanuscritoblog.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/sobre-monedas-y-otras-historias.html
Message: Posted by: Daniel Clemente (Oct 3, 2012 05:17AM)
I'd love to read his work, but I don't speak a lick of Spanish!
Message: Posted by: joseph (Oct 3, 2012 05:53AM)
On 2012-09-21 12:18, drbuzzard wrote:
I believe the set of coins used is very similar to http://www.toddlassen.com/mec.htm

Those coins look awesome, but I assume you have to contact Lassen for the price?...
Message: Posted by: Daniel Clemente (Oct 3, 2012 10:15AM)
They cost 160 for the set...they are gorgeous and heavy duty. Worth the $$
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Oct 3, 2012 10:15AM)
Luis is in this generation a genius in the line of the Dai Vernon, Fred Kaps, Arturo Ascanio, Bob Read, Juan Tamariz... but in a new generation. He is making me very modest.
Message: Posted by: wally (Nov 15, 2012 01:49PM)
Anyone found the name or where to buy the above coin trick. magicwalsh@gmail.com
Message: Posted by: David Fillary (Mar 27, 2013 10:37AM)
I'm surprised so many magicians above seemed fooled by this after more than one viewing - nearly all of it can be found in Bobo's book and combined with the ring on string effect in Mark Wilson's book.

However, the first few times I was fooled, especially by the last move which was done so slickly there's no way I would have noticed it having not used the move myself! It also shows how the classic moves in the hands of a master can look truly exceptional. He has now become my favourite performer as he has absolute mastery of misdirection, sleight of hand and presentation, in all areas of magic, and he truly expels a magical energy that draws people in. He is an absolute delight to watch!
Message: Posted by: dennis8 (Mar 29, 2013 04:46AM)
Well, this routine is beautifully constructed, and despite I also don't speak spanish I could feel the build up and
fill in the blanks for myself (although maybe wrong).

I am certainly not surprised when magicians are fooled even after watching more than once. For me the first phase is a fooler,

where the four coins are threaded and shown both sides lying on the table, he turns over all four so even though one must be the [,
this is absolutely beautifull. Or I maybe missing something.

I enjoyed watching this routine, but the copper silver with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, I find this even more stunning.

Message: Posted by: David Fillary (Apr 1, 2013 04:46PM)
Dennis - I love his copper silver routine. The finale in that is just such a surprise, and I love how Denzel Washington starts out as a sceptic, wanting to examine the coins etc, but ends up regressing to his childhood self and accepts the magic. Beautiful! :)
Message: Posted by: David Fillary (Apr 3, 2013 04:16PM)
***, just watched this video for probably the 50th time and only just realised he ends clean! His spectators didn't inspect the coins at the end, but they could have done. I'm learning so much about misdirection just from watching this guy!