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Topic: OneTrack plays smoooth backing tracks
Message: Posted by: OneTrack App (Sep 23, 2012 02:41PM)
For those of you wanting to run your show's audio from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - take a look at OneTrack (now at version 2.2). A polished and professionally developed app for the princely sum of $5.00... Plug your iPhone into the P.A., choose a playlist, and start playing your backing tracks one at a time. Use the iJet Nav remote control (optional extra at $32) to play, pause, skip tracks and fast-forward or rewind, or use the large on-screen buttons.

"OneTrack allows me to stop, start and basically do what I like when on-stage… no more rushing between songs if I spot an opportunity for added banter during a show… Also being someone who is choreographed as a dancer in some of my shows I cannot count the times where the choreographer has had to run to his/her player to stop the next song starting - by which time someone like me has forgotten what steps we were looking at!!!! The edit facility is brilliant… I can practice a certain step/move continuously… and of course it is also perfect for certain phrases singers, dancers, musicians or teachers want to highlight in any song… go get it… love it" Paul (UK)

OneTrack is being used by professional magicians, musicians, presenters, choreographers, sound engineers and more. Check it out, it could be just what you're looking for. Please note that the current version is only optimised for the iPhone, an iPad version is in the works.