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Topic: Spectator pair face off
Message: Posted by: Jack Crafter (Oct 3, 2012 01:39PM)
Hi there everybody! I've had an idea for an effect / presentation and I was hoping to get a little feedback on. (It's a first attempt on my part, so hopefully people won't be horrified beyond belief or anything).

I'm a little worried the presentation might be too slow to hold peoples attention, but I'd like to think people find me at least vaguely interesting so fingers crossed it won't be an issue.

Anyways, the deck is shuffled and split in 4 packets and two spectators are told they're going to play a game. They're each allowed to mix two piles together and told to deal off a pair at a time. The person that gets the most pairs consisting of one red and one black card wins. As they deal them off they both get nothing but one red and one black card though, one after another till they each have 13 pairs of one black and one red card each. Then, (hopefully) the spectators minds explode with the thought "but wait, they shuffled the cards together themselves! How did they get nothing but red and black pairs?!?!"

I'm pretty sure a few people here will already know the method behind it so it's more the presentation idea itself I'm interested in. I like the idea of a coincidence that the two spectators put together themselves, without the magician touching the deck beyond splitting the cards into the 4 piles.

What do people think? Is it something spectators might get blown away by, or is the effect too slow and ponderous to have the punch necessary to justify the time spent watching it performed?
Message: Posted by: goro (Oct 4, 2012 02:24AM)
I don't think it is slow. I'm sure the trick can be done in one or one and a half minute. I think you have good idea. Try it