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Topic: Card Classics of Ken Krenzel
Message: Posted by: jazzman (Oct 29, 2003 06:16AM)
I'm thinking of buying this book but can't find a review on it anywhere, could someone give me a brief rundown of its contents.

Message: Posted by: Euan (Oct 29, 2003 06:42AM)
It has a tonne of excellent material.

It starts off with a look at Ken's multi lift handlings.

[b]Natural double lift[/b] - you push over one card yet you turnover two, it looks very natural though does need a bit of hand cover.

[b]multiple lift[/b] - same as the natural lift but allows for multiple cards

[b]multiple lift plus[/b] - allows you to turnover half the deck as if it was one card.

Then there is some interesting stop effects, another double lift, a way of hiding a card in a small fan and an interesting utility move.

Then in the next chapter Ken's half pass handlings are described. Eg The invisible bottom reverse (a simple half pass). invisible reverse transfer (reverse a card in any position of the deck). The one card double lift (magicians only sleight really) A few tricks using the moves.

Then in chapter three there is some more visual effects and a few interesting sleights including the Peek corner crimp and the Hand-Heel-Holdout.

Don't feel like going through the whole book, there is a wealth of excellent material some of which will take a lot of practice to master. It's a great book I highly recommend it. The only downside is that it's written by Harry Lorayne. I'm not a big fan of his writing style.

Euan :smoke:
Message: Posted by: jazzman (Oct 29, 2003 06:48AM)
Cheers Euan, I think I'll order this.

Message: Posted by: owen.daniel (Mar 30, 2004 05:54AM)
Some would say that lorayne's writting style is a bonus. When I was starting out in magic I found that Loraynes way of writting was very clear and made it easier to understand... But now I agree with this view and I too find lorayne can be...well boring at times!
I do not yet own this book ( I intend to buy it in a couple of weeks), but when I do get it I will show my opinion.