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Message: Posted by: magicguy72 (Oct 21, 2012 03:33PM)
Spencers Theater of Illusion: Magic with a Mensch (Review):

I have not seen a magic show in some time, I confess. I think the reason is this: Kids like the fast moving, abracadabra of “magic”, a cliché form many magicians still cling to; but adults realize its all trick boxes and illusion, and outgrow the norm. So how do you find a magic show—um, make that an illusion show—that satisfies the ardent curiosity of children, yet cans the hokey pokey of traditional magic to appeal to adults? It’s called Spencers Theater of Illusion, a husband-wife team, that you just really, really like. They are genuine people, and have traveled the world sharing their magic of illusion. And they will be the first to call it illusion, not magic, in a way so comforting you actually feel they’d tell you how they did it sitting across from you at the dinner table.

Full Review can be found here - http://www.didyouweekend.com/spencers-theater-illusion-magic-mensch/