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Topic: Copper-Silver-Brass Routines
Message: Posted by: Daktari (Nov 1, 2003 10:05PM)
I have owned and performed C/S/B for years using Doc Eason's routine but I am looking for a fresh approach as a 2nd routine. I realise that there are a plethora of routines out there but what are your favorites?
Message: Posted by: PaulGreen (Nov 1, 2003 11:12PM)
Mine! As described in my Take A Stroll With Me lecture notes and as performed on my In the Trenches DVD.


Paul Green :bg: :bg: :bg:

I would also suggest the James Lewis routine for Million Dollar Mysteries.
Message: Posted by: Daktari (Nov 2, 2003 02:02AM)
I have been considering getting "In The Trenches" for quite some time now. I am always in favor of supporting the artist first. So...do you sell them and what is your link? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: ugdini13 (Nov 2, 2003 06:00AM)
Check out Cody Fisher's routine from his coin video or buy the routine from him. Paul Green also has a great one on his video.
Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Nov 2, 2003 08:44AM)
Paul Green's DVD "In The Trenches" is wonderful. Not only will you get a fantastic CCS/CSB routine, you'll get a lot of other great working routines. I highly recommend buying it.


PS - Make sure to check out his rope routine.
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Nov 2, 2003 01:10PM)
For something different, I'd suggest a different gaff, and a different premise. See the Scotty York material for the former, and Gary Kurtz's "Trio in Three" or Reed's "Three with CSB" for the latter.

And, if you'd like a routine with a different gaff (good for repeat audiences) that has three sections, each one appealing to a different sensory modality (Audible, Visual, Tactile) and then caps it off with a triple transposition, I'll humbly suggest my lecture notes from LVMI/COINvention, when Kainoa finally gets them up on his site.

But get Paul's routine, too. The ideas there will improve your current CSB, promise.
Message: Posted by: PaulGreen (Nov 2, 2003 01:40PM)
Hi Ugdini, Bob, & Curtis,

Thanks so much for your kind words!


Message: Posted by: Pavlo (Nov 2, 2003 05:50PM)
Smoke and Mirrors has a killer, killer handling of CSB routine.
Message: Posted by: dillib (Nov 3, 2003 05:17AM)
I find that Smoke and Mirrors has one of the best handlings of the CSB Set.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Nov 3, 2003 11:17AM)
Bannon's routine in Smoke and Mirrors is great. As is most of his stuff. That guy is pretty great at coming up with routines in all sorts of magic.
Cups and Balls
Chop Cup

He has a great imagination, sense of humor, common sense routining.

Also I was just reading what I believe is Geoffery Latta's CopSilBrass routine which does not require the gaffs, per se. Just done with a coper/silver coin and a purse is also required, as it is for the Bannon routine.
Message: Posted by: Mange (Nov 3, 2003 02:02PM)
JC Wagner has a good routine in his book /video Commercial Magic.
Paul Green's routine on his DVD is great.
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Nov 3, 2003 04:33PM)
I have lots of cool stuff in my new notes other then change routines. If you are looking for a cool change routine where that all change to some other coins at the end, I have one in my sound routines book!
(That's the book on the Rattle Gimmick). So you hear the coins change as well as see the coins change! If you are interested let me know!

Best, David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
Message: Posted by: 2003 user (Nov 3, 2003 05:24PM)
Hello David,

Did you new coin routine with coin gaffs and video come out to the market yet ?

Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Nov 3, 2003 08:00PM)
Hi 2003,
No we are waiting for it to be edited right now!

Best David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 4, 2003 05:14PM)
I searched for Smoke and Mirrors. I noticed it is discontinued in most magic shops. Does it have other good rountines besides CSB?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Nov 4, 2003 05:50PM)
Other good routines: Yes it certainly does, and if you don't have his other book "Impossibilia", get that one as well. I like it even better.

Our own Scott Guinn posted several times that he thinks this is one of the best books on magic.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 6, 2003 02:50AM)
Ok, I ordered the video of "Smoke and Mirrors" from L&L Publishing. I will receive it soon.

Thanks, Frank. Can "Impossibilia" be ordered by dvd or video?
Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Nov 6, 2003 08:32AM)
Dynamike, sorry to be the one to tell you, but C/S/B isn't on either one of the Bannon videos, but there is a lot of good magic on them. If you want his routine you have to get his books.

Best to you
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 6, 2003 02:52PM)
Oh no. Why me? :( Thank you for letting me know in advance, Joe. I'm glad you told me because I would of got frustrated :mad: searching for CSB on the tape when it will arrive to me. There is a positive side to the story also, I did order Paul Green's "In the Trenches" also. :)

Thank you again for letting me know.

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Nov 6, 2003 03:30PM)
The videos are ok in my opinion but I would (in this case) read the books first before cracking any of the videos open.

He has a wonderful sense of humor that comes shining through in the books but NOT in the videos.
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Nov 8, 2003 02:46PM)
On 2003-11-02 00:12, PaulGreen wrote:
Mine! As described in my Take A Stroll With Me lecture notes and as performed on my In the Trenches DVD.


Paul Green :bg: :bg: :bg:

I would also suggest the James Lewis routine for Million Dollar Mysteries.

Well Paul, you wet my appetite, I ordered your "In the Trenches" dvd, and Cody Fisher's "Real World Copper/Silver/Brass" set from Hocus Pocus today.
It seems I am lucky, I still have James Lewis' video in my possesion.

David, I'm interested to know when your book/video is coming out. Please keep me informed.
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Nov 8, 2003 10:25PM)
Hi Peo, I will let you know as soon as it is edited end Todd has the coin sets made up!

David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
Message: Posted by: Cody S. Fisher (Nov 8, 2003 11:27PM)
Dear Café,

I have a CSB routine that I think is worth mention. You can find a more detailed review at coinvanish.com on my video "Unforgettable Coin Magic".

Here are some of the advantages of this routine:

1) Starts completely clean (all coins examined)
2) Three highly visual transpositions (phase two in spectators' hand)
3) NO going to the pockets to switch out coins
4) NO exposing "extra coins" as a phony explanation
5) At no time do you ask the spectators "where" the coins are
6) There is a suprise KICKER ending
7) You end absolutely clean

This is one of my favorite routines for walk around. This effect is always a hit during my lectures as it never fails to fool magicians...even if they "know" the trick!

If anyone has a specific questions please feel free to PM me. Also, if anyone already has this routine and would like to know how I have altered the handling you can PM me for that info as well.

I hope this helps,
Cody S. Fisher
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Nov 9, 2003 02:06AM)
Cody, It so happened I ordered your set of Real World Copper/Silver/Brass set this Friday, but I didn't know there was also a video out of your coinwork.
From where can I obtain it?

Message: Posted by: Cody S. Fisher (Nov 9, 2003 09:23AM)
The video was no longer available until recently. It is called "Unforgettable Coin Magic". I did an initial run of 1000 copies and thought that would be enough as this was only sold by me. This video has pretty much sold itself by word-of-mouth! I have been completely out for over a year, however due to demand, I decided to have it redone. You can get this from my friends at Hocus-Pocus or directly from me.

I hope this helps,
Cody S. Fisher
Message: Posted by: larycrews (Nov 10, 2003 02:29AM)
Add me to the professionals who recommend Paul Green's In The Trenches DVD. It's outstanding. Well-shot, well-thought, well-presented REAL WORLD magic you will use.
And, BTW, I do not know Paul personally and am not being compensated for my recommendation. :D
Lary Crews
Las Vegas
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 11, 2003 12:59AM)
I agree with you Lary. I did receive the dvd last week. This is the first C/S/B I noticed that does not require any pockets. I will have to give it an "A+."
Message: Posted by: Jesper Amstrup (Nov 11, 2003 01:31AM)
Nate Kranzo has a great 3 fly routine that uses a c/s/b set on his Outside The Box DVD

Message: Posted by: Kingry (Nov 11, 2003 09:22AM)
The version on Million Dollar Mysteries will blow your mind
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Nov 11, 2003 09:28AM)
On 2003-11-11 10:22, Kingry wrote:
The version on Million Dollar Mysteries will blow your mind
I second that, 'cause it does.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Nov 11, 2003 10:45AM)
On 2003-11-11 10:28, Peo Olsson wrote:
On 2003-11-11 10:22, Kingry wrote:
The version on Million Dollar Mysteries will blow your mind
I second that, couse it does.

What's million dollar mysteries?
Message: Posted by: Jason London (Nov 11, 2003 11:36AM)

Million Dollar Mysteries is a great video from James Lewis.

This tape is actually one of my favorites. I'm hoping they will put it out on DVD.

Everything James does on this tape is excellent! He has a great Cop/Sil/Brass routine along with some other really, really good coin work. He's got an awesome coins through GLASS TABLE! It almost looks like trick photography. Be warned, some of the effects on this tape are of the high difficulty level.

If you haven't seen James Lewis perform you're missing out. He's great!

Sorry, I got little of topic with my post. However, I wanted to answer Frank's question.
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Nov 11, 2003 07:39PM)
James Lewis also had (still has?) separate manuscripts on the CSB and coins through glass table effects.

Larry D.
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Nov 12, 2003 04:02AM)
When I performed at the Castle two years ago James and I talked about some technical problems of a coin routine I did. When I left he gave me his video.
Back at home I discovered that among the extremely strong material that's on the video, there was a very clever solution to my coin problem.

Conclusion: Not only is James a very good magician and friendly person, he also knows how to be really educational when it comes to discovering new techniques.

To get back to the topic, his CSB is the best I know and the only one I do. Before I learned his version I did Doc Eason/Bob Sheet/JC Wagner's thing. I played with the John Bannon routine as well as the English counterpart Chinese Bit from Ken Brooke.
Message: Posted by: jerdunn (Nov 12, 2003 08:40PM)
For anyone interested in ordering Jim Lewis' fantastic videotape, here's an e-mail I just got from Denny and Lee that describes it:

This is one of the finest videos on close up magic you will ever see. James Lewis performs his full 22 minute close up magic act live at the Magic Castle and then gives you a full 55 minute private lesson on the entire act. These are NOT just explanations but step by step instructions that make these routines easier to learn. Eight effects and not one of them is a card trick. There are seven coin routines and one devastating handling of the classic professor's nitemare that will change the way you have been doing it. Just look at these sleights and effects:

UTILITY PURSE SWITCH-This is James' totally deceptive switch of one coin purse for another even when the crowd is burning your hands.

MISMADE DOLLAR BILL-Learn the Lewis handling of the Kozlowski $100 bill switch with the mismade bill from the guy who created the routine.

CHANGE FOR A DOLLAR-A borrowed and signed bill changes places with four quarters inside a coin purse. 

PURSE FRAME COIN PRODUCTION-An easy and baffling production of three coins from the empty purse frame.

DIRECT COINS THROUGH THE TABLE-If you were really "magic" then this is the way it would look. Each coin is shown cleanly just before passing through.

VISIBLE COINS THRU GLASS TABLE-You won't believe your eyes especially when the final coin visibly travels up through the glass table top.

HYPNOTIZING THE PROFESSOR-The Professor's Nitemare handling that most pros have adopted for their own routines.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE-If you own a set of the Johnson Silver Copper Brass transposition coins, then you simply MUST see this routine used by James Lewis combining the coins with a coin purse.

SINGLE COIN TRIPLE CHANGE SPELLBOUND-This routine is a "performance only" routine. One single coin visibly changes three times ala Dai Vernon's Spellbound.
This really is one of my all time favorite videos on close up magic!!!"
Message: Posted by: Jeffrey Cowan (Nov 13, 2003 12:52AM)
Geoff Latta's CopSilBrass routine in Kaufman's Coin Magic is a fooler and doesn't use the traditional gaff. Bob Kohler's variation (in his notes Kohler's Tap, available on his website Bobkohlermagic.com) takes the trick to another level and will fool people who know Latta's routine. If you're really looking to explore this effect, both are highly worthy of your consideration. But be warned: each requires advanced technique. . .

- Jeffrey Cowan
Message: Posted by: Jesper Amstrup (Nov 13, 2003 02:33AM)
James Lewis coins through glass table is fantastic. His presentation for the professors nightmare is very funny too. This tape is highly reccomended. Some of the stuff on it is fairly hardcore, but the entertaiment value is high too.

Message: Posted by: RandomEffects (Nov 13, 2003 11:20AM)
I was lucky enough to see Latta lecture and demonstrate his CSB routine. To be fully honest, I did not see anything that different in the begining, but by the end I loved it. Then when he showed how he does not even use the usual CSB gimmick I was blown away. I am ditching my gimmick and learning this routine as as soon as I can get a copy of the lecture notes.

Mat Random
Message: Posted by: Victor Brisbin (Nov 23, 2003 01:46AM)
The routines mentioned here are all very good. I'm particularly fond of the work of Paul Green, James Lewis, and John Bannon on CSB. Because of my interest in this effect, I just purchased Cody Fisher's CSB routine, and I'm interested in learning about the alternate handling Cody mentioned in his post.

I like Cody Fisher's routine. Like other contemporary purveyors of magic, he borrows some elements from the above-mentioned magicians, including J.C. Wagner, and he gives full credit to them.

The packaged routine and props provide a real convenience if you do not have the necessary coins at hand, and a "Goshman" style purse (engineered for use in the routine) is also provided.

The modified purse idea is good. Paul Green's work with a ungaffed Chinese brocade purse is also very good. John Bannon's use of a more traditional men's change keeper seems somehow more natural for me to carry (as a manly magician). Not too many American men seem to carry a change purse, but the first two types of coin purses would be very natural for female magi, and of course for the rest of us who are secure enough to bring out a coin purse (or just a purse frame).

Thanks for discussing a favorite effect, and to creative magicians like Paul Green and Cody Fisher for sharing their thoughts.
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Nov 23, 2003 06:31AM)
I just recived Paul Green's "In the Trenches" DVD this week.
Loved his "2 Copper 1 Silver" routine, which can be switched to a C/S/B set.
That is the routine I'm going to work on using Cody Fisher's set.
Thanks Paul & Cody!

Message: Posted by: nycmagic (Nov 24, 2003 12:35PM)
As everyone else mentioned, James Lewis' version is killer. His video Million Dollar My$teries is one of the best magic videos on the market and many magicians don't know about this fabulous video.

On the video he does a great professor's nightmare (really), coins throught he GLASS table, and other killer material.

Other CSB routines out there using the traditional gimmick are the Bannon routine in Smoke and Mirrors and JC Wagner's version.

Geoff Latta has an interesting approach in COINMagic, but it uses a different gimmick. The change in the Latta routine is quite startling. Bob Kohler has a routine using Latta's as a basis and it's in one of his lecture notes.

Roger Klause has a neat multi-phase routine which uses a 2 copper 1 silver gimmick (CSB won't work here) which is published in In Concert and it's worth study.

Message: Posted by: matt.magicman (Nov 25, 2003 05:16PM)
Could someone please tell me......
I have the Dragon coin/ Morgan dollar, CSB set from Todd Lassen. It is a superb item, believe me!

I just wondered what peoples' thoughts on this were compared to the Chinese bit item from Eddie Gibson?
What were the advantages, disadvantages with either set?

Many thanks in advance for your help.
Message: Posted by: PaulGreen (Nov 25, 2003 08:18PM)
Hi Tracematt,

The Chinese Bit set of coins is differently gimmicked than the CSB set. However, both sets perform the same effect. Personally I prefer the CSB because you do not have to be as careful when the gimmacked coins n**t.


Paul Green