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Topic: Another "In Lizzie's hand" Question.
Message: Posted by: Warren-Peace (Nov 4, 2012 09:23AM)
I have looked throughout preceding posts and have found some great info here in the forums on the topic of "In Lizzie's hand”. One thing I would like to ask and have seen nothing posted about the non authentic look of the bright yellow paper. Is it likely to age the paper without hindering the effects the paper? I am aware of the many ways to age paper but do not have any of the "letters" to experiment on. Has anybody tried to age the paper to make it look period fitting? Once again thank you in advance for any info. Peace out.
Message: Posted by: StrangeMagick (Nov 4, 2012 11:11AM)
I never tried aging the paper, but I passed it off as a facsimilie of an original document. You could look for a copy of the "Prestidigitators Almanac Volume 1 by Keith Arlen Lack" which describes the methodology for his "Dear Boss Letter" a Jack the Ripper based effect similar to "In Lizzie's Hand" but using different "certain somethings". The paper used is actually aged parchmont, which hides the colors of the used "certain somethings". Also, be forwarned, that ONLY ONE COMPANY (to my knowledge) manufactures the exact "certain somethings" used in the Dear Boss.

I generally use "In Lizzie's Hand", as I have a bunch of it's certain something ... which is over 5 years old and still works.

Hope this Helps,

Message: Posted by: Warren-Peace (Nov 4, 2012 12:17PM)
I am aware of the paper part A "certain something" and the bag of mixed part B. I am interested in finding out about the "Dear Boss letter" The aged parchment is what I would rather have. I was under the impression that what ia added in the munufacturing process to the paper is what made it the orange/yellow color. Thanks you Stranger...:)