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Topic: Oops!
Message: Posted by: landmark (Nov 2, 2003 09:13AM)
There have been plenty of threads in the other forums about what to say or do when you've been caught. But what about mentalists? If a cardman is caught palming a card, it's not the end of the world--he can even admit, well you caught me this time, and go on to the next effect and fool and astonish the crowd.

But for mentalists, I think it's much more dangerous. Your entire credibility is shot. Anything that would follow would be suspect. Now, I don't mean just missing on a prediction--we've had many threads about that. I mean really being caught doing your dirty work. How do you recover from that?

Any ideas or experiences?

Jack Shalom
Message: Posted by: Richard Busch (Nov 2, 2003 09:23AM)
I know of a fellow it actually happened to. He laughed, said "how else?", and moved on. That's all I heard.
Message: Posted by: shrink (Nov 2, 2003 12:24PM)
Its possible with good spectator management skills to get by. In fact this happened to me recently doing an effect with a borrowed watch. I can't go into the details as it will give the effect away. I asked them to do something and they realised they weren't doing what I asked.....They said "Im not sure this is....." I stared into their eyes and smiled and said " that's right.....your not sure are you ....keep doing x".

This had him look confused.. to the audience it looked like it was part of the effect. Either way it got me out of a hole.

This has happened once or twice over the years if you are confident and can confuse the volunteer and keep it moving the audience won't suspect anything.

Or at least that's the theory!