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Topic: Where can I get a cheap Top Hat?
Message: Posted by: nalu_magic (Nov 5, 2003 03:54PM)
Hi guys,

I'm in the market for a durable top hat to pull my rabbit out of....any ideas? I've been checking ebay but would love to get more advice from everyone. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Nov 8, 2003 09:02PM)
Cheap is a relative term even for top hats. The one we currently use in our show costs $240.00. It does actually pop up and was made for us. Ebay frequently has top hats. They have never had the right thing for us at the right time.

Halloween was just over. Try the costume and party shops. The ones used by tux rental places, that I have seen, are exactly the same as the better costume shops have. That is they are a solid felt hat without a lining and they don't fold down. I hope $20 is unreasonably high for one. They certainly are nowhere near what a good one is like.

Another place I would recommend is trying the better equestrian supply houses. Ring Masters in the upper level horse shows still are seen at times with a real top hat. Don't forget too that the original fireman's hat was also a top hat. Chimney sweeps also can get them.

Good luck on your search. They are a wonderful stage prop.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: nalu_magic (Nov 9, 2003 11:40AM)
Thank you, Bob. I ended up getting one from Ebay.