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Topic: Flash paper side box
Message: Posted by: Grandillusionsmagic (Nov 5, 2003 06:11PM)
I have seen illusions that have flash paper sides. does anyone have any idea were you get flash paper that big?
Thanks for your help
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Nov 6, 2003 02:34PM)
[Though it's not recommended] 'Flashes, Bangs and Puffs of Smoke' teaches you how to make your own flash paper (I think that book includes it).

As I say - it's not recommended!
Message: Posted by: zigmont (Nov 6, 2003 02:38PM)
Rubber cement it together.
Message: Posted by: Grandillusionsmagic (Nov 7, 2003 10:51AM)
Thank you
I have always wanted to know how that is done. I won't be doing it, at least for a long time as it would cost a ton.
Thanks again,
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Nov 7, 2003 01:06PM)
You're right, I looked at the ebay Henning item, and there was [b]a lot[/b] of flash paper there, I bet it cost a bomb [b]e v e r y[/b] time he used it. Mind you, it would look spectacular ;)
Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Nov 10, 2003 05:10PM)
The correct glue to use on Flash Paper is known as "Pritt" stick in the UK (I am not sure about the US). It does not affect the paper at all and sticks it together very sufficiently.

Most manufacturers can make lengths of custom paper ( the small sheets are just cut from these)and these can be made to prduce a qucker flash than normal paper. We have used upto 12m square framed sheets on several occassions.
Don't forget when using large sheets of flash paper to support the area with plenty of flash string. This not only helps prevents breakages, but ensures an even flash, and the desired effect. Without this your paper can fizzle out and what would take a few seconds, will in fact take a few minutes.

Every precaution should be taken when using any type of pyro effect, and permission should be granted at each individual venue (which is not always easy).
Message: Posted by: Bob Johnston (Nov 21, 2003 05:33AM)
What size are you looking for?
Message: Posted by: J.S.llusionDesigns (Dec 25, 2003 12:08AM)
You can make your own with a tube the size of the paper and add your own chemicals.
Message: Posted by: magictim (Dec 25, 2003 01:36PM)
Masked Magician, You mentioned on another thread the flash paper sides were cheap to do. How much do you put out when using these?
Message: Posted by: themagician64 (Jan 17, 2004 01:22PM)
Check out "Theater Effects" for large rolls. It is still a bit expensive and they also have the proper glue. They are very respected. :nose:
Message: Posted by: J.S.llusionDesigns (Jan 22, 2004 05:28PM)
On 2003-12-25 14:36, magictim wrote:
Masked Magician, You mentioned on another thread the flash paper sides were cheap to do. How much do you put out when using these?
Well as much as I need. If you make it your self you can make about 35 (7x7 feet) for about $2.50 you buy bucher papper by the 100s or 1000s (it is cheaper when you buy lots and buy them whole sale) put on the chemicals (Also buy these by the biggest size and whole sale.) and there you have it.
Message: Posted by: paulnathan (Jan 25, 2004 05:59AM)
DO NOT USE RUBBER CEMMENT! you can purchase flash paper glue from theater effects http://www.theatrefx.com they have lots of other groovy stuff that blows up and burns. Be very careful. they are a little expensive but they have all the right stuff and you can always just bill it to your client.

I would also reccomend against trying to make your own flash paper. the ingrediants are nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and hidrocloric acid. all at pretty regent grade or above. you mix them than soak the paper in the mixture for a few minutes and wash the paper off. I know it sounds easy (It sure did when I read about that in college and snuck into the chemical supply closet and tried it myself). the fumes can kill you. I did this with a college professor (biology not chemistry - but he still should have known better) in a lab with a hood and was still coughing a week later. The paper worked but not as well as what I buy.

It isn't' worth it. Just buy the stuff.

One last thing. Nitrocellulose (flashpaper) is very stable and safe when used correctly by trained professionals. It is not an indoor pyrotechnic. It burns very hot and is very dangerous. If it burns while enclosed it explodes. Of course that's what makes it fun.