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Topic: Ken Dyne's "Mind Possibilities"...Review anyone?
Message: Posted by: asanghi (Nov 29, 2012 08:07PM)
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Hi all:

Don't think I've seen any reviews on this. Does anybody have any insights into Kennedy's e-book below?


Message: Posted by: Natural Mystic (Apr 29, 2013 08:13AM)
Any reveiws?

Message: Posted by: asanghi (Apr 29, 2013 08:15AM)
None that I've seen...
Message: Posted by: Kroots (May 21, 2013 08:05AM)
I bought this a few months ago when Ken offered a 50% off on all his products so I went on a little spree.

I'll give you a review as best as I can.

To break it down to it's basics:

This pdf contains a 30 minute act that Ken performs for corporate companies. It's basic structure uses a simple opener and a strong closer, as you'd expect, whilst the main bulk of the show is made of mulitple routines using the same two spectators throughout. Of course if you didn't like this way of presenting it you could simply choose new people everytime but as Ken presents this as a team building act he likes to show the power that is created between the two volunteers throughout, which is a nice presentational angle.

It's probably best to look at the Ad Copy to show you exactly what you're getting:

"Right now if Iím booked to do a team building speech or performance I rely on the one I created 3 or so years ago. This was originally released a bunch of years ago and after having taken it off the market since 2008, Iím releasing another 4 licenses. Inside you will read every routine I perform, fully scripted and explained. As well as reading about how I secure these high-paying gigs."

Whether Ken does performs this nowadays is irrlevant but I believe this is a tried and tested performance for sure. It is true that you will read every routine that he performs in this act but they are not all scripted and fully explained. There are two effects that he does not describe in the pdf as they are already published elsewhere in lecture notes and for the people who already own those notes, "they don't want to see the same routines [re-printed] over and over". He does however tell you the name of the two tricks and gives you a brief description of one of them. He also urges you to contact him about them if you'd like to know more, something which I haven't done but I'm sure Ken would be more than happy to help.

He performs his version of 7 Keys to Baldepate and also a pk touch routine.

I didn't notice a drawing duplication which is described in the Ad copy but he does a spectator reading spectators mind which I reckon is probably the best routine in the book (as well as the sneakiest).

His closer (The Greedy Booktest) is a strong ending with a suprise kicker which is what I look for in a closer and is also up there as one of the better effects.

All methods in the book are particularly devious and I would say BOLD - but still 100% sure fire.

I won't go into too much about the act as that is essentially what you're buying and Ken if you feel I've let too much go please do let me know.

At the end of the Manuscript he talks about how he goes about getting gigs but only describes a very basic process for achieving this and as an added extra he provides a copy of the sales letter he sends out to companies to gain interest.

Apart from the two effects previously mentioned, every routine is fully scripted and this is where I found the book to be most beneficial. It's enjoyable to read how another performer writes and presents his work and gives a lot of food for thought. He writes quite comically in his scripting, some of which I thought wouldn't work for me and some which I thought did.

I think this a top buy if you are looking for ideas or help on how to structure an act or how to script and pace a performance - I mean what better help then to read a working performers own paid performance structure?

If you're just looking for some new effects to add to your library or some new ideas regarding methods, you will find some gems in here, but maybe not worth the price tag.
Message: Posted by: asanghi (May 21, 2013 09:29AM)
Hi Kroots: this is an extremely helpful review! Many thanks, and I'm tempted to pick this up if the 50% sale is still on. Thanks again, Apurva