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Topic: New Episode! Paul Draper and Tobias Beckwith!
Message: Posted by: christiancagigal (Dec 1, 2012 02:31PM)
A new episode is up!

This conversation was recorded with Paul Draper and Tobias Beckwith at dinner in Albany, Ca. Paul Draper is a mentalist, magician, anthropologist and teacher that has appeared on numerous TV shows and stages across the country. Tobias Beckwith is manager and right hand man for international stars of magic, Jeff McBride and Marco Tempest, as well as the author of Beyond Deception.

While Paul was touring through the Bay Area, we grabbed him at dinner to discuss his thoughts on the performance of mentalism, getting over one’s fear of doing cold-reading (really it’s just my fear…) and he also discusses an important part of show business most performers who dream of success forget, the “business” part.

There’s a lot of good stuff packed into 20-some-odd minutes and it’s well worth the listen…

Message: Posted by: christiancagigal (Dec 1, 2012 03:58PM)
And, btw Paul will be playing the Castle next week Dec 3-9th! To learn more about Paul check out his site here! http://www.paulwdraper.com/
Message: Posted by: Balaram (Dec 2, 2012 11:17PM)
Paul Draper gave a true "secret" of readings in this short listen, i.e., how to view your client.
Grateful Christian, thanks for taking the time to record these episodes, Bill Z.
Message: Posted by: christiancagigal (Dec 3, 2012 03:37AM)
My pleasure! =)