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Topic: My First Close Up Miracle - Name or History?
Message: Posted by: seneca77 (Dec 2, 2012 07:53PM)
After receiving the proverbial magic kit for my 11th birthday, I was hooked. Later (1975 or so) my father took me to Snyder's Magic Shop in Cleveland and with my allowance money I purchased my first magic trick. I still have it, 37 years later, but the packaging and instructions are long gone. I still remember my little routine and recently wowed my nephews with it.

Basically, you display it open, showing the red and blue spots. Close it and they change to black and yellow. I would then cover the black spot and it would change to blue. It could then be handed out for examination.

Anyone remember the name/origin of this?

- Bob
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Dec 2, 2012 08:17PM)
Hey Bob,
I believe that is Tenyo's Crazy Spots. Just Google it and I think you'll find plenty of places to visit.

Snyder's was my first magic shop as well. Oh, it was classic. I still remember begging my dad forever to take me downtown to Snyder's. It was in the '70's, and going from the suburbs to downtown Cleveland was like going from Florida to Alaska. But, when he finally did agree to take me...I remember a dark and dingy stairway going up to a smoke-filled, cluttered room full of magic props old and new, everywhere. Dusty shelves and glass cases filled with forgotten merchandise. And a mysterious, grumpy gentleman behind the center counter who begrudgingly offered to show me a magic trick. I don't remember the trick. But I remember that day. And being with my dad. And magic.
Message: Posted by: seneca77 (Dec 2, 2012 08:55PM)
That's it! Thanks Wizard. And yes, a quick Google search revealed that it's still for sale. Penguin sells it for $9.

Sounds like your experience at Snyder's was much the same as mine. Once every couple months or so I would persuade my dad to drive from Parma Hts. to 216 W. Superior Ave. (I'm pretty sure that was the address) in Cleveland.

I remember buying a milk pitcher from Snyder's and performing it for my mother in the living room where we had just had new carpet installed. I'll never forget her screaming when I flung open the empty newspaper cone!

My dad passed away in '76 and my mother was not quite as eager to take me to Snyder's as my father had been - LOL!

Thanks for the memories!

- Bob
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Dec 3, 2012 02:34PM)
Strange story about this particular prop...it was one of the first items my folks ever purchased for me back in the mid-1970s. Thought I lost the gimmick, so I bought another Crazy Spots about 20 years ago. Recently, while going through childhood boxes at my late father's house, I found the original gimmick! Still had the blue plastic part in a box here at my house! Ah, the joys of completeness.