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Topic: Mnemonic Help
Message: Posted by: Seth (Nov 6, 2003 06:37PM)
Hi there I'm in the middle of learning the pegs and I'm changing some to fit things I prefer.

Have any of you got any good alternatives for 88? The usual peg is Fife which I don't really like but all I can come up with is Five and Fave...

Any Suggestions? Thanks...
Message: Posted by: Gregg Tobo (Nov 6, 2003 06:44PM)
Some suggestions from pseudonumerology.com...

heave off
hoof off
huff off
wave off

It is an unusual number to mnemonify...

Gregg Tobo
Message: Posted by: Seth (Nov 6, 2003 06:48PM)
Thanks for the suggestions Gregg, Fifi looks like the best option to me, picturing a poodle I guess...

Out of curiosity what do you use?
Message: Posted by: Gregg Tobo (Nov 6, 2003 07:01PM)
I went with "fife" (envisioning the fife player from the classic American Revolution-themed painting, "The Spirit of '76").

At the time, I couldn't think of anything better -- now I'm stuck with it.

Message: Posted by: Seth (Nov 6, 2003 07:23PM)
Hey I guess I could use Fifa and think of football.

Thanks again for the info Gregg
Message: Posted by: Tate (Nov 6, 2003 08:09PM)
Seth, I don't know if you're a fan of the old "Andy Griffith Show", but Barney's last name was Fife. You could link the item to be remembered to be in Barney's shirt pocket. You know - the one where he kept his only bullet.

Tate - lives near Raleigh, NC and every time I drive by the YMCA, I look up and wonder which window indicates the room Barney would stay in when he visited Raleigh.
Message: Posted by: Stuart Cumberland (Nov 7, 2003 03:21PM)
Remember that when you are creating "anchor" mnemonics, you can use whatever you want.

88 could be FLUFF.

Yes, I know that breaks the rules, but if you think of a huge ball of fluff your mind will know that it is a rule to be broken and get you to the same destination.

It's your brain. You make the rules! :-)


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Message: Posted by: johne (Nov 7, 2003 03:38PM)
Like the band Foo-Fighters...if not, even better LOL

Message: Posted by: shrink (Nov 7, 2003 05:02PM)
Seth: I like five! Why not visualize a hand slap as in "gimme five!". Along with an exagerated sound ofthe slap! It works for me!
Message: Posted by: Seth (Nov 7, 2003 07:36PM)
I thought about Fluff for a sec but I don't know if I might get confused later...

Hey JohnE, that's a great idea, using the peg FF and thinking of the foo fighters!

Shrink, that's another great idea, I discounted it at first cause I was thinking of visualising the number 5, but a high five sounds great!
Message: Posted by: Steve Hook (Nov 8, 2003 12:08PM)

Love yer idea of putting the object in Deputy Fife's pocket!

Steve H