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Topic: Corpse stacking in Pearly Gates
Message: Posted by: Don H (Dec 18, 2012 03:42AM)
I ran into some disturbing corpse stacking in Pearly Gates, look at the OL forum.
Message: Posted by: Van Helmont (Dec 18, 2012 05:05AM)
On 2012-12-18 04:42, Don H wrote:
the OL forum.
Quid est?
Message: Posted by: Don H (Dec 18, 2012 05:22AM)
The Out law forum with it's special Pearly Gates section, password protected.
It's nice such forums but not very lively, that's why post this here.
The post is of several slopy mistakes that can ruin your performance.
Message: Posted by: RCP (Dec 18, 2012 09:47AM)
Hi Don, I don't have this so my comment may not be accurate to what you are referring to. The practice of stacking corpses in the same grave has been very common especially with indigents.
Message: Posted by: Don H (Dec 18, 2012 02:12PM)
Thanks RCP, you are right. Infact I should make this point. It explains the map.
It annoyed me cos I wasn't prepared. I ruined my performance 'cos the sitter freaked out 'bout those corpses in one grave.

Thanks again
Message: Posted by: RCP (Dec 18, 2012 02:32PM)
Hi Don, not only was it common in the past it is still occurring!


You could use this in a very clever way, at first seeming to have wrong (mixed) information only to show both true in the end. Perhaps dueling spirits summoned........ create a ruckus?
Message: Posted by: Godzilla (Dec 18, 2012 03:10PM)
The More, The Merry !
Message: Posted by: PROF BC (Dec 18, 2012 06:05PM)
"The grave's a fine and private place,
But none I think do there embrace."

---Andrew Marvell ("To His Coy Mistress")
Message: Posted by: KOTAH (Dec 24, 2012 10:37AM)

Porter's Station was a nice community, close knit and wholesome. The

kind of place that people wanted to move to.

Proof positive in the recent surge of growth. This always means of

course that stranger will arrive, hoping for acceptance. With their

furniture, clothes and personal effects, they bring luggage of another

kind as well. Their past comes with them.

Have you ever met a person for the first time, and immediately disliked

them? They had never spoken to you, or done you any wrong; and still a

sense of distrust floods over you. There were people such as this who

had migrated into town. Sometimes it takes very little to bring a melding

pot to a boil. The locals could be quite protective. Change is seldom

easy; often harder to embrace. Originally the census showed fourteen

thousand inhabitants. One year later it had grown to thirty five

thousand. Housing shortages and budgetary issues were over whelming.

Over night it seemed, their heaven had become a hell. The city fathers

were unable to find a solution. At first there was a building boom

financed by outside parties. With the construction, came jobs. When

the work was completed, feast turned to famine. Certain hungers

required criminal acts to be fed. The Porter's Station police force was

under staffed, and ill equipped to handle things. One citizen acted on

his own to rectify the situation. What Le Roy Granger eventually did,

was both ingenious and demented.

Individuals began to disappear. Literally, gone with out a trace. No

matter how far resources were stretched; how many agencies were

employed, no bodies could be found. The community assisted in the

searches too; driven more by fear than doing community service. There

was a creature among them. A stealthy hunter who snatched up the

unsuspecting. Any one of them might be next. If he or she had killed

them, where were the bodies? If they were not dead, what was being

done to them, and where?

The disappearances were deemed to be one at a time, planned and

gradual rather than in mass. There didn't seem to be a motivation, nor

was there an emerging pattern. Those who vanished crossed over into

every classification. They were racially diverse. No obvious preference

of gender or age. Physical appearance seemed not to be a factor. The

perpetrator or perpetrators, were equal opportunity offenders. Trace

evidence or DNA was nonexistent, it was as if a ghost had spirited them


Search teams with dogs did not pick up a scent. Grid searches of fields

and wooded areas came up empty. The sheriff's

boats and divers dragged the ponds. Nothing! No doubt by now, the

beleaguered Mayor had contemplated suicide.

" Better dead than living through this frickin' nightmare." , he was

heard to say. The quote was not used in the paper, obviously. Fear and

frustration had every one in their grip. Almost everyone, that is. Leroy

Granger saved every article in a scrapbook he had begun. Le Roy could

have been the poster boy for psychotic schizophrenia. There was not a

remorseful bone in his entire body. For him, disposing of someone was a

simple act. much like taking out the trash. He felt the most significant

line Dickens ever wrote was the suggestion made by Scrooge about

decreasing the surplus population. Ever the anal retentive soul, Leroy,

took everything to heart. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure Leroy ever

picked up a book in his life. Most likely he heard the line in the movie.

Leroy used to work construction, even owned some of his own equipment.

The well ran dry when a wave of non-union low salary workers cost him

his job. That really ****ed him off. These days, he worked sporadically.

His backhoe kept a roof over his head, and food on the table. He liked

to say, "Local funeral directors would throw him a bone now and then.

Strange sense of humor Leroy had. Knowing in advance, when a fresh

grave would be required, was invaluable to him. He knew just how to fill

it. Leroy did not dig the hole three feet wide, six foot long and deep.

These days they were 3X 6X 8. He called his victims 'seedlings', and

this was where they would be planted. The backhoe, truck and extra

shovels were all he needed. The hole was dug as contracted for. Under

cover of night, the seedling was acquired, then transported, in the back

of his tarp covered pick up truck. Without breaking a sweat, the

seedling was dropped into the grave. Covered over with two feet of

earth. A splash of bleach and ammonia and the deed was done.

Mourners, the priest and others never new how they aided and abetted;

as the coffin of 'their' loved one was lowered. After it was filled in ,

this grave resembled every other in the town, and there were several.

Did LeRoy ever dig deeper than eight feet? We may never know. What

was the total body count in Potter's station? Ask LeRoy, he still lives

there. Any given week end you will find him hosing off the back hoe and

truck bed in his front yard.