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Topic: PDA and MPD
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Nov 16, 2003 02:30AM)
Today the idea of using a PDA to organize ones thoughts came up in VERY unsusal context.

Here is the basic premise for a magician-personae:

Consider a performer who has multiple personalities or 'channels' magicians. He would not know anything about the magic done by his other personalities or those who take control when he channels. There might be a difficulty in having such happen in performance context... that of handing off context. To solve this problem he could use a PDA.

The PDA could have notes from preciant personalities or guests about cards to be selected on different days and times in the appointment function. It could have messages left between the 'channeled' and the performer. It could have messages from one 'personality' to another that mean nothing to the performer.

In an earlier post I suggested and have since succesfully tested the presention of a vanish as both 'real' and also that the mechanics need not seem fully understood by the performer. I now propose to extend the notion of the performer as having MPD where the personalities have different magical abilities. This frees the everyday person to live a normal life, and lets the multiples do what they are good at... ie vanishing things, finding lost cards... you get the idea.

Back to the PDA. What would a the memos on a PDA that is used by a few people look like? And the messages and calendar and the crosstalk? What if some of these messages suggest some squabbling between the personalities or 'channeled' magicians?

I took this idea as far as to suggest that in order to do some effects I would have to buy a new memory card or a totally new PDA since the personalites COME ON THE MEMORY CARD. ie, the different personalities or abilities could be contained in the PDA.

Here is a very small scripted application:
Sorry I don't know how to find your card, let me change into someone who does..writes name of spec on PDA. Flinch. Performer looks at PDA to get spec name to address them and does the card-find... and makes a notation on the PDA. Flinch.. is that your card? Yes... good. Oh, have to remember to buy apple cider on the way home.

What are your thoughts?