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Topic: Speaking of Pink Elephants
Message: Posted by: WalterPlinge (Feb 16, 2013 07:43PM)
Has anyone tried to make up the gaffed deck for "Speaking of Pink Elephants" from "Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks" by Karl Fulves? I did, and have had a lot of fun with it. The downside is that it is a lot of work to construct the deck for basically one trick. There could be other things you can do with it but I haven't come up with any yet.
Message: Posted by: mimesis-magic (Feb 27, 2013 09:08PM)
Actually, the contruction of the gaffed deck may be worth the time involved, given that the rountine has multiple phases:

1. The spectator's thought of card (in a red-backed deck) changes from red-back to blue-back.
2. The entire deck changes to blue-backs.
3. The selected card is spelled to.
4. A second thought-of card jumps from one pile to another pile.

The cost for this overall effect: A modified Red/Blue Mene-Tekel deck.
Message: Posted by: docguitarman (Mar 26, 2018 03:48PM)
I made the deck using Rider backs. I like the deck pretty well. I have yet to master the handling to the extent I would like. I tried the presentation outlined in Fulves' "Charles Jordan's Best Card Trick." The following are my observations based on my use of that handling.

(1) I tried the effect on the Mrs. first. I found that the thumb riffle of the backs requires that you call attention to the back color, red in my case. If I just riffled and did not do it slowly enough and went into the peek at a card quickly, the back color may not sink in and the effect of the color change can be lost. As it was the first time I showed the Mrs.
(2) When I pulled the Joker off the top and placed it on the bottom (face of the deck), my wife noticed and wondered why I did that. She said it seemed unnecessary and raised her suspicions. I now add a remark "I will move the Joker to the front as a screen while you peek at a card."
(3) Fulves' does not mention this, but I found you can not use the deck like a peek deck (i.e. don't let the spec pull back on the deck and peek) as the spec will realize the card he draws is not in the location he peeked at. Even when I flip through the cards and have the spec note a card he sees, I found it is still likely the spec will notice the discrepancy of the peeked at location and the location where he draws out his card that he supposedly saw. So the remedy is to cut the cards with the faces up so that the spec cannot notice the discrepancy. I don't know if this can ruin the handling but so far it seems the spacing of cards is most likely okay.
(4) The reinsertion of the drawn card at the key location while fanning them and showing the startling deck color change also drew suspicion since the location needs to be "specified" by the performer. I could use some input here on the best way to get the card at the "spell to" location without drawing suspicion.
(5) In the environment I have shown the effect I am uncomfortable ditching the red backed Joker. I have tried just casually laying it aside face up after using it as the screen. But that is too weak.
Message: Posted by: Doomo (Mar 28, 2018 09:56PM)
I can make these...