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Topic: Behind the Scenes at Axtell
Message: Posted by: axtell (Feb 26, 2013 09:27AM)
Here's a documentary recently done on us by Brooks Film Institute. Enjoy!

Message: Posted by: marshalldoll (Feb 26, 2013 01:26PM)
Very cool Steve !!
Message: Posted by: olivertwist (Feb 27, 2013 08:33PM)
The tree is incredible. Great job!
Message: Posted by: Regan (Mar 2, 2013 09:09AM)
Congratulations, Steve!!!
Message: Posted by: Servante (Mar 2, 2013 11:33AM)
Love it!

Message: Posted by: axtell (Apr 30, 2013 08:36PM)
Thanks! The Tree is now fully in production. The First one shipped to Texas and is installed in a priate School Library! Wish I'd had a school like that! http://www.axtell.com/trees.html
Message: Posted by: manal (Apr 30, 2013 08:56PM)
I thought these trees were intended for walk around, like in MacBeth where the trees come to Dunsinain :)

Awesome tree Steve!