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Topic: Stag and hen
Message: Posted by: Chrisgreenmagic (Mar 4, 2013 02:21PM)
I don't have an idea but not sure which topic to put this under. My residency has just starting accepting stag and hen parties. Can anyone recommend some tricks for stag and hen parties that are not necessarily on the quiet side. I've got sponge dong but need a few more ideas. Please help.
Message: Posted by: Cardstuntman (Apr 20, 2013 11:31AM)
1st change your name to Chris Blue Magic.
any of the normally considered blue never do tricks.
20th cent shorts/bra/other and you could add a message on them or switch it around and have the guy have a bra or the sponge dong.
you could take any prop and add something blue to it. The lines will almost write themselves.
the Indian rope trick, finger chopper, tons of sight gags... might consider making up some games and host them...could be a great way to get called back. Tons of bar games and bachelor party games out there. How wild do you want to get? I can tell you how to get banned! I have a great handling...hurmmm.. for the magic din* don*