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Topic: VIP production..... -Help needed fellow dear magicans
Message: Posted by: Stanislaw Zelazny (Mar 6, 2013 11:48AM)
Dear fellow magicans!

I started doing card/close-up/mentalism magic about 3 years ago, quickly becoming known as "the magic guy" in my high school.
At our "NykÝbing Katedralskole", we have an awesome tradition of renting the local theater hall for the yearly 3rd-grade prom, where a great deal of attention is paid to the arrival at the theate, - and creativity counts!

I have a plan about making me/my date appear in a magic production/transformation of some kind.

There are a few challenges:
- it is basically done at a street, with spectators from at least three out of four sides,
- it is not a show, so the entire illusion should take about 1 min. There is a queue of other pairs waiting behind us.

I have considered building a Substitution trunk (where the date is already placed inside the trunk, before we magically switch places) , or a double tip over trunk.
The tiger Cage seems, as a perfect solution, but I think it is pretty hard to build correctly (with no audible *CLANG, when the back wall goes down, - you know what I mean) , I have no experience at working with metal at all, if you know how to make a wooden one, please tell.
Denmark is a sparsely populated country, so it is difficult to find any fellow magicans who could rent/sell me the props.

If anyone knows any great VIP-productions (shes a layman -(or rather lay-lady, pun not intended.) that seem useful, please help.
I can find stooges and assistants if needed.

- Gentlemen, my hope is in you.
Message: Posted by: Stanislaw Zelazny (Mar 6, 2013 12:03PM)
Almost forgot:

Does anyone have some reviews/thoughts on J C Sums "VIP appearances"?

( http://www.illusionbooks.com/plans/vip.html )

Could they apply here?
Message: Posted by: tophatevents (Mar 7, 2013 03:11AM)
I would go with the double tip over
it's not to expensive to make and has a great effect
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 7, 2013 03:26AM)
Grand Illusion is not intended to be "spur of the moment" type of trick, that is to be used while you are in a line of participants waiting to get into the theater. It is considered art that is performed in a theater on a stage with actors and a person playing the part of a magician.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Mar 7, 2013 10:40AM)
Search out some of the threads about Bride and Groom productions.

- Donald