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Topic: Incredible Mr Goodwin
Message: Posted by: zactudor (Mar 29, 2013 05:33PM)
What do people think of this? Its on British TV at the moment and I for one am fascinated. Some of his stunts I am sure include some sleight of hand elements etc but even then they are impressive. Some I am sure he is relaly doing and I am gobsmacked!
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Mar 29, 2013 06:14PM)
We can't get yet, in the States. Jonathon informs me that it should be here, in a couple of months.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Mar 30, 2013 05:12AM)
Check the past regarding Mr Goodwin !!!! Will say no more.
Message: Posted by: steve-pistolas (Mar 30, 2013 11:14AM)
I preferred his older stuff, not keen on this show
Message: Posted by: Freak Prodigy (Apr 4, 2013 05:43PM)
I was a consultant on this project!
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Apr 4, 2013 08:55PM)
What channel is this being shown on ? I live in Spain and only have freesat channels.
Message: Posted by: steve-pistolas (Apr 5, 2013 08:43AM)
Its on WATCH channel, but has just finished, will be rerun though on DAVE I think tonight
Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Apr 5, 2013 03:10PM)
Everything is on Dave now ...... And an hour later on Dave-Ja Vu! That is my fave TV channel name!

Ttfn Dave (the guy the TV station was named after)
Message: Posted by: Ryuk (Apr 30, 2013 02:38PM)
I watched the first episode and wasn't too happy with it. I thought the material was, for the most part, nothing special and the production wasn't up to much: too many camera cuts during some of the stunts and way too much filler in between. Shame really - I saw one of his old shows a while ago and thought it was quite good.
Message: Posted by: MagiciennesUnlimited (May 1, 2013 02:42PM)
Bed of one nail? Sounds familiar....did you consult too, Harley? :)
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (May 1, 2013 04:15PM)
Nope, no consult here. His version involved leaning against it, not being suspended on it.
Message: Posted by: george1953 (May 1, 2013 07:49PM)
Don't have Dave only freesat channels, guess I wont be able to watch it :(