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Topic: Thumb tip
Message: Posted by: shaihorowitz0 (Apr 3, 2013 03:50PM)
Anyone have a favorite thumb tip supplier or any suggestions on where to go to get one of decent quality?
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Apr 3, 2013 08:01PM)
Vernet is my favorite brand, and can be found at practically every magic shop or online.
Here's a great tool for price shopping:
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Apr 6, 2013 08:57AM)
Shai>>>VERNET made the first plastic TTs (that's how we describe them in this NON SECRETS FORUM). in the early '70s. It was like reinventing the wheel!

Since, there have been many 'knock offs' --and with various modern materials becoming available, TTs are now available in various materials.

Best bet is to deal with a dealer whom you can trust. (Dennis Haney, is just one of many) Watch out for the 'on line' dealers. You don't know what they'll sell you--or who made it!

When you do find one that you 'like', order several! They do wear out!

The late AL BAKER, used to demo with one painted RED.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Apr 9, 2013 12:36PM)
I bought some that I was told were made by Fun Inc. One was a vinyl tip that was made to be more realistic looking - it even had a shiny nail. The other was plastic and had a texture to it, making it capable of gripping objects. Both had a nice price! I got them from Hank Moorehouse, years ago, but since he's no longer with us, I'd ask John Sturk at Fun Inc.
Message: Posted by: trey (Apr 18, 2013 12:52PM)
I depends on what you will be doing with it...
Message: Posted by: Daeld (Apr 20, 2013 05:52AM)
The Vernet TT definitely gets my thumbs up (pun intended). In Australia, it is hard to get cheap postage, so I usually end up getting them from my local magic shop (an hour's flight away). Ebay has some good deals too at times, but careful of cheap Chinese imitations (some of which are actually quite good). The thing about the bricks-and-mortar magic shop is that you can try them on before you buy to make sure you get the right size.
Message: Posted by: The Amazing Pog (Apr 22, 2013 10:09AM)
It'd be great to have access to a bricks n' mortor shop where differing styles/makes/sizes could be tried on ... :( Oh well, internet for me.
Message: Posted by: MartiniMagic (Jul 1, 2013 01:36PM)
I saw a auction listing that offered all of the various sizes and styles of Vernet TT all for one price.
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Jul 3, 2013 08:49PM)
Vernet. Hands down. Get the 'starter set/variety set' mentioned above.