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Topic: Time Is Money
Message: Posted by: sdmagic (Apr 3, 2013 07:28PM)
This looks good. What do you think of these changes?


Message: Posted by: george1953 (Apr 3, 2013 08:33PM)
They look nice and smooth to me, but as always will wai for the reviews
Message: Posted by: rasp (Oct 13, 2013 12:19PM)
Anyone have a review of this?
Message: Posted by: smagic31 (Oct 13, 2013 01:18PM)
Anyone have a review on time is money
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Oct 18, 2013 11:56AM)
Sorry, I am not impressed as the bill looks to stiff like it cardboard and uses the old Acrobatic Card gimmick. Thus it wear out quickly with use. Secondly, it is not angle proof for close-up. If you are on television, this would be the place this will work.
Message: Posted by: TheHbomb (Oct 18, 2013 03:16PM)
First of all, a pass isn't angle proof for close-up, but I still use it. Controlling your angles is 100% of what magic is about. Second, every gimmick wears out with use. Is this one gonna wear fast? Yeah probably, it's a bill gimmick, it's a piece of paper. All I know is, this effect looks great, and that's all I'm worried about: how it looks for the spectator. And the reason the bill looks more stiff is because South Korean bills are made out of thicker paper.