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Topic: Conflict Resolution ideas
Message: Posted by: Magicalpro (Apr 4, 2013 11:28AM)
Designing a show for early grades 1,2 & 3 grade on Conflict Resolution any great ideas out there?
Message: Posted by: TommyJ (Apr 4, 2013 11:41AM)
Wow what an idea. I'm wondering how well a program with that theme would sell.I thinks it would be a Great idea to teach children how to handle indifferences and how to resolve problems early in life.
Message: Posted by: JoshLondonMagic (Apr 4, 2013 12:20PM)
Agreed, I like the idea. Perhaps a coloring book routine where we put our ideas together and great things happen?
Message: Posted by: Eldon (Apr 5, 2013 05:48AM)
On 2013-04-04 13:20, JoshLondonMagic wrote:
Agreed, I like the idea. Perhaps a coloring book routine where we put our ideas together and great things happen?

Great minds think alike. I do a school show called "You Have The Power" and when I do it for younger elementary students I do a Color Book routine as you described. I t deals with conflict, resoluton and how it is ok to make mistakes.
Message: Posted by: Jim Snack (Apr 5, 2013 06:57AM)
It's an important skill for everyone to learn, so go for it.

Last year I created a routine about "empathy" using Steve Hart's Wiz-Kote that is now part of my school show on respect. I'm having a blast with the trick and the children love it. As you might surmise, it's about "putting yourself in someone else's shoes." You can see video of the routine at: http://www.jimsnack.com/schoolprograms.htm .

Several years ago I spent a week at a school on Long Island doing workshops everyday on conflict resolution for grades K-6. It's a difficult concept for younger children to grasp. So on the first day I talked about choices one makes when they are in a conflict. I asked students to imagine they were in a car at a fork in the road. If they turned left they would end up in a place where they were happy, in positive relationships with other people, happily married, etc. If they turned right they would end up unhappy, divorced, in jail, or worse. Then I asked the students which way would they go. Everyone answered, "Left." "Then why do I see on the news every night stories about people who went the other way?" I asked. "Maybe they didn't see the road signs." I then passed out my handout. I had an artist create a "conflict resolution road map" that showed the six steps of positive conflict resolution as road signs. It was something they could color. We spent the entire week practicing the six steps. If you PM me, I'll send you a copy you are free to use.

Best wishes.