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Topic: Best Illusion in last 10 years
Message: Posted by: thehawk (Nov 24, 2003 02:32PM)
What is the best illusion in the last 10 years? My vote would go to David Copperfield " FLYING" with Laser cutting in half a close second by DC.
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Nov 24, 2003 03:30PM)
It's certainly not "Stargate". Actually, I really like "Windshear".

Amos McCormick
Message: Posted by: Samuel Catoe (Nov 25, 2003 12:53AM)
The next one! ;)
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 25, 2003 01:14AM)
I would go with David Blaine being in the box for 44 days.

:rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

Sorry, just kidding. I would agree with you, thehawk.
Message: Posted by: guido (Dec 1, 2003 02:13PM)
Death Saw (1995) by DC.
Message: Posted by: Magicr8 (Dec 2, 2003 09:19PM)
The best illusion has to be David Copperfield's illusion on his “Tornado of Fire” special where he vanished with a spectator and reappeared in Hawaii.

Also another from D.C. is when he made those two girls disappear in a blink of an eye with the silk sheet. :bat:
Message: Posted by: sperris (Dec 3, 2003 02:03AM)
Death Saw was done by DC in like 1985? I'm not sure, if I remember right. It was first performed on his Escape from Alcatraz or the Niagara Falls special... one of those around in there. But I'm still going to have to go with the Death Saw... for serious. But if I had to stay within the last 10 years I'd say DC and Flying (I think that actually came out in like 92?). Or DC's PORTAL or 13 when he used to NOT bring them back. It rocked!

Sperris :stare:
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Dec 3, 2003 02:16AM)
KVB helicopter
Message: Posted by: Pakar Ilusi (Dec 3, 2003 05:45AM)
My vote would be David Copperfield's "The Portal" Vanish for a vanish done OVER the front row audience members heads!

I know how it was done but still it was visually INCREDIBLE!

Message: Posted by: EddyRay (Dec 3, 2003 06:55AM)
Fantastic Floatation... from personal experience. :carrot:
Message: Posted by: Johnny_Dee (Dec 3, 2003 08:17AM)
Well, without no doubt I think that Laser from Fearson/Copperfield is the best illusion that I have ever seen. It was so visual and there was no box or tables involved... incredible.
Flying is probably the second one.

Message: Posted by: Alex Tan (Dec 4, 2003 01:14AM)
My vote goes to "Flying." It is the most magical thing I have seen.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Dec 4, 2003 09:33AM)
Best is a relative term. Every night, the audience should see the best magic they have ever seen. Our job is to entertain. Every show is really different because of the audience, even after all these years. Although I have spent many thousands of dollars on stage props over the decades, it continues to fascinate me that the part that makes the newspapers, company newsletters, and the electronic media is still just as likely to be a small prop producing a large surprise. A thumb tip is a great investment!

But, YES! I personally still love the big stuff best. Flying is pure magic.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: magicocacau (Dec 10, 2003 08:12AM)
My vote is for Flying - DC.
Message: Posted by: SeanJohn (Dec 10, 2003 09:55AM)
And one more vote for Flying. Good luck he was performing it on his Finnish tour back in the day.
Message: Posted by: Scott Imler (Dec 10, 2003 12:52PM)
Another for flying and the Vanish from Portal.

Message: Posted by: David Le (Dec 12, 2003 03:39PM)
David Copperfield:


Not just talking about the "visual" eye-popping-ness aspect of the illusion, but I'm talking about how artistic and epic DC can make something into. If you think about it, the "Splitting Image" technique can be used as a mere, cheap prank for Halloween. But DC takes that "thing" and makes it a work of art. ;)

second would be

Barclay House.

Also by DC, a well-choreographed, well-thought out, well written routine. I love the North by Northwest Overture. I haven't seen the movie though. :giggles:
Message: Posted by: chmara (Dec 12, 2003 04:39PM)
Ah, the word "best”. In what way???

Kevin James/David Copperfield - Snow takes an emotional best.

Copperfield's ressurection of the Foy mechanism AND marriage with his routine - are dramatic and mechanical best for a skilled performer who can carry it off.

Death Trap - takes a mentalists best (The one distributed by hocus-pocus.com

Pete Biro's reworking of the Pom Pom Stix for kids and adults for family comedy magic.

Bill Smith's "Audience Acupuncture" as a roll-on is terrific on stage a raised platform.

Chalet's Mini Cub-Zag has been knocked off WAY too much but is great nonetheless.

Jeff's McBride's water bowls -- and the illusion he uses gimmicked bowls. (They are not.)

Two by Robert Baxt -- his really quick and dirty newspaper tear -- and loosing all that weight without losing his sense of humor.

And even though I love him -- Walt Blaney's belief that magicians and magical manufacturers can be forced to be -- or ever will be "ethical."

Gregg (C. H. Mara) Chmara :bigsmile:
Message: Posted by: KeirRoyale (Dec 20, 2003 02:01AM)
I would have to vote for Blaine biting a quarter in thirds. :sun:
Message: Posted by: Alex Tan (Dec 20, 2003 10:46AM)
:lol: ! :rotf:
I hope you don't really mean it.
Message: Posted by: glodmagic (Dec 21, 2003 10:35AM)
Copperfield's "the FAN", "Flying" and "Deathsaw".
Message: Posted by: J.S.llusionDesigns (Dec 23, 2003 02:52AM)
I vote Flying also.
Message: Posted by: Pakar Ilusi (Dec 27, 2003 07:55AM)
Yup! Blaine's usage of a $20.00 trick coin effect (or cheaper, depending where you live...) that astounded lay audiences worldwide has to be mentioned!

Not the best effect but mind-boggling to guys like me who thought you needed routine and choreography plus assistants and props to wow audiences!

Not disrespecting Blaine, by the way.

Message: Posted by: Chout (Dec 28, 2003 03:22AM)
Not that I don't want to be different, but D.C.'s Flying for sure takes the cake.
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Dec 28, 2003 06:43PM)
David Copperfield did an illusion his last pass through Minneapolis where he passed horizontally through a steel plate. It was very good.

I personally have a problem with "Flying" although I have seen it in person two times, once from the front row and it is visually stunning, people know how it works they are just perplexed about why they can't SEE how it works.

Portal was certainly the most entertaining of his big illusions.
Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Dec 28, 2003 07:00PM)
Copperfield’s Flying with his Snowstorm a close second.