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Topic: Has anyone done the Oriental Cups and Balls from the Al Schneider L&L cup and ball book?
Message: Posted by: Al Schneider (Apr 15, 2013 05:20PM)
Many moons ago I did a shoot with L&L to produce several DVDís. Since then they have brought out two of them. One is on rings and one on cups and balls. The one on cups and balls presented several cup and ball routines. I am emotionally attached to one of the routines: the Oriental Cups and Balls. The goal in producing this routine was to simulate the pomp and ceremony of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Oriental martial arts are close to my heart. I have studied karate extensively and taken lessons in two hand sword fighting. The sword is treated quite differently than empty hand fighting. The pace is slow and dignified. Just picking up a sword is done with a small ceremony consisting of kneeling, bowing, flicking the pant legs back and so on. I watched a number of tea ceremonies on youtube as well as several Japanese dances. One of my observations about Japanese magic is that it incorporates a lot of novelty as well as straight magic. My goal in producing the Oriental Cups and Ball ceremony was to weave a feeling of all that into the routine. The goal was not to do fantastic magic but deliver a strong feeling of oriental grace and dignity. I understand the Samurai traditions in war and art. I picture the presentation done in full oriental costume with appropriate music and so on. I regret my presentation on the L&L tape did not measure up to my plan. I spent a great deal of time preparing the materials and writing the script. The shoot at L&L was the first time I performed it as a complete presentation. I had no idea of how it looked until L&L sent me a copy of the shoot for final editing.

The reason for this post. I am curious what you might think of the routine. However, I am most interested if anyone has gone to the trouble of putting such a routine together. I am hoping that someone out there is performing the routine and would post a clip of it someplace.

All the best.

Al Schneider