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Topic: If you want beautiful custom props.....
Message: Posted by: leomagnus (Apr 16, 2013 05:56PM)
Not sure where the best place to post this is, so I'm posting this in a couple places. It's not really about a magic product as much as a review/plug about the creator.

Okay, here we go. Have you ever wanted to have some kind of prop made? Whether from wood, metal, acrylic, etc. and it's been beyond you? You've probably wondered: who do I ask, where can I go, etc. Well look no further then Brian Cook at http://www.magiccrafter.com

Brian has been crafting high quality props for more then ten years, and a little over one year ago he launched his company Magiccrafter Magic. He has so far put out half a dozen products of exceptional elegance and beauty, and you can read about them at his website. But the really great thing about Brian is his willingness to consult on and manufacture custom projects. If you have an idea for a prop, shoot Brian an email and he'll go over it with you and give you a free quote. So far I've had Brian make me a custom cocobolo wand, and a slightly modified version of Tommy Wonder's Ring box in walnut.(pics below) To give you an idea of the durability of Brian's work, the wand has been heavily used for over one year now, and still looks amazing. Suffice to say I'm an EXTREMELY satisfied customer, and can't recommend anyone more highly.

So in conclusion, if you want custom props at AFFORDABLE PRICES(Brian is EXTREMELY REASONABLE), you know where to go. Go Brian!

Message: Posted by: leomagnus (Apr 16, 2013 05:57PM)
Wand pic
Message: Posted by: leomagnus (Apr 16, 2013 05:57PM)
Ring Box pic
Message: Posted by: leomagnus (Apr 16, 2013 05:58PM)
Sorry for the poor picture quality.

Message: Posted by: bcookmagic (Apr 16, 2013 07:20PM)
Thanks for the plug Leo!! I hope you enjoy the Wonder Box I made for you.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Apr 16, 2013 08:59PM)
Stunning work Brian. I bookmarked your site...let's see, I want the Key of the Chrononaut, The Box, Grandpa's Block, Okito Box etc., etc.,...yep. It's official. I want it all!
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Apr 17, 2013 10:09PM)
Awesome. Great to know.
Do any of those props come with a pair of red gloves?

Sorry Brian, can't help myself.
Message: Posted by: sadhu (Apr 18, 2013 05:01AM)
High quality props, love the Ring Box!
Message: Posted by: Stellan (Apr 18, 2013 09:47AM)
"An adaption of the classic Rings of Hindustan trick".

Anybody heard of this?
Message: Posted by: Craig Ousterling (Apr 18, 2013 10:24AM)
Stellan - Check out Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic. (pp97)
Message: Posted by: Payne (Apr 18, 2013 10:43AM)
On 2013-04-18 10:47, Stellan wrote:
"An adaption of the classic Rings of Hindustan trick".

Anybody heard of this?

It's a routine out of my Steampunk program called "Key of the Chrononaut"

The basic routine is thus: An old manila envelope is brought out and it's contents removed for examination. It is found to contain two gears, a calling card of a Professor Napier who claims to be something called a Chrononaut and a small folded up piece of paper.

As the paper is unfolded it is discovered to be a letter which has been wrapped around a smaller gear. According to the mysterious missive the gear is in fact an integral part of a time machine. A time machine that Professor Napier believes to be sought after by nefarious agents. Men of questionable character who wish to employ his device for their own dastardly purposes. So in order to prevent the time machine from falling into the wrong hands the Professor has sent the Infinity Key forward in time for safekeeping.

Not wanting to strand himself in the past our Time Traveler has sent with the "key" all the necessary parts required to assemble a vortex generator with sufficient power to send it back to him. The letter is refolded and placed aside. Now the parts are moved about and arranged in a series of various configurations in an attempt to construct said generator. At last the proper alignment is created and the key mysteriously vanishes. Sent backwards in time to the Professor.

The proof of this rather unlikely hypothesis? The letter is unfolded and found to once again contain the previously vanished key. Sent once again, forward in time by our intrepid Time Traveler for safe keeping.


Pocketwatch, Babbage Thumbdrive and Folding Monoscope not included
Message: Posted by: Stellan (Apr 18, 2013 11:21AM)
Aha! Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Apr 18, 2013 08:45PM)
Stunning set Master Payne. What is the turn-around time for this item?
Message: Posted by: bcookmagic (Apr 18, 2013 08:51PM)
Hi Wizard!! I have these in stock and ready for shippment now. Please visit Magiccrafter.com for ordering information or email me with any questions at briancookmagic.com
Message: Posted by: bcookmagic (Apr 19, 2013 12:26PM)
Here is the trailer for the Key Of the Chrononaut.

Message: Posted by: leomagnus (Apr 19, 2013 05:02PM)
Looks great Brian!

Message: Posted by: Motley Mage (Apr 19, 2013 06:03PM)
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Apr 19, 2013 07:07PM)
Just placed my order...great work Brian, and of course Master Payne.
Message: Posted by: bcookmagic (Apr 20, 2013 02:47PM)
Thanks Wizard and everyone for the orders and nice comments. I have 3 left on my first run and I can ship these out right away. The next run will be ready in a couple of weeks so if you miss out on the first run please email me and I will put you down and let you know when they are ready.
Message: Posted by: bcookmagic (May 9, 2013 11:26AM)
I just started a new run but I do have 1 left if someone wants one right away.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (May 9, 2013 08:52PM)
And I strongly suggest that someone should scoop this up before time runs out (see what I did there with the time thing?)! This prop is stunning and works like a dream. Master Payne's presentation is perfect, and the craftsmanship on this is first-rate. I recommend this highly!!!
Message: Posted by: leomagnus (May 10, 2013 03:08PM)
Just saw Master Payne perform this live. Mind BLOWN!!!!!