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Topic: Muscle Pass uses
Message: Posted by: owen.daniel (Nov 25, 2003 10:40AM)
I have been doing the muscle pass (MP) succesfully for almost a year. I was wondering whether any of you have uses for it.

I decided to learn it having seen Shoot Ogawa (at International Magic Convention) use it to sleeve coins. There is obviously the idea of using it just to defy gravity.

Do any of you have any original uses for it?
A couple of ideas I have played with:

1) There is a routine in The Book (by Fertigen Fingers) using coins and tweezers. I played around with it and changed the routine totally, one of the routines was to make it seem as though an invisible coin is thrown across from the ends of the tweezers and becomes visible in mid-flight. This was simply having a coin in the position to do the MP and then holding tweezers, pretending to throw something from the end and then just shooting it horizontaly (or maybe in a slight arc) into the oposite hand.

2) This idea is not really finished. It uses the MP to hide a coin so that you can show your hands empty. Simply you have the coin in the right position, show the other hand empty (front and back), then you bring it back towards your body and as you do this you muscle pass the coin into that hand, whilst the view is blocked by the hand muscle passing, then showing the other hand empty.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.
I know that there was a trick using the muscle pass as a penetration mentioned in MAGIC earlier this year.
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Nov 25, 2003 11:31AM)
I use it in a coin through hand so that the spectators feel the coin falling through their hand...really neat with a flipper too. It can be used as a vanish, a ditch into a topit or sleeve. It's amazing enough that it makes a coin float up. Also, be on the lookout for the fingertip muscle pass! ;)
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Nov 25, 2003 11:34AM)
If I may; In Knuckle Buster vol 2 and in number four you will find two different uses for the Muscle pass. They are not on video so you would have to read. I know a lot of guys hate to read because they "learn better from video". This new coin thing in four is visually powerful. I realize it is a shameless plug. I agree finding people who can do the muscle pass is difficult enough then finding applications for it is even more so. Shoot muscle passing to the sleeve is an old idea. People have been using it for that and toppiting for a long time. There is so much with the muscle pass that I have discovered on my own playing with it. Anyway for what its worth.
Reed :)
Message: Posted by: redstreak (Nov 25, 2003 01:55PM)
I've gotten some great reactions from the Coin Through Hand. I learned it from a magic magazine a while ago.
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Nov 25, 2003 02:14PM)
With the Coin Through Hand, MP the coin below their hand so that it hits the back of their hand. I have people swear they felt the coin go through.
Message: Posted by: owen.daniel (Nov 25, 2003 02:52PM)
Thanks for the response,
I have one other idea which I forgot to mention, but it is more of a quiery, maybe it is already being used.
Do you think it would be possible to use a MP as a kind of Han Pin Chien move? I have been thinking over this for a while and had come to the co(i)nclusion that it is too visible, but maybe this assumption is wrong, does any one else have any thoughts on this?
Reed, I am the opposite, I love to read which is surprising because most people of my age totally ignore books and only watch videos (i'm only 15!). I have quite strong views about reading, especially when I hear that people have never even heard of Expert at the Card Table etc.
Message: Posted by: harris (Nov 25, 2003 04:57PM)
Ever since seeing John Cornelius in 76, I have been playing with the M.P.
I love to do it with different objects such as buttons and even some rocks.

One nearly normal use is during my copper - silver type routines where two different coins trade place. Using a C/S and the M.P. you get a nice visual color change.

I believe the idea of using a HPC M.P. with a C/S as a hidden move is in print.(I can't recall the source at this time.

When you have time try it with a quarter, nickle or penny.

Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Nov 25, 2003 06:06PM)
I'm currently making a routine where the spectator has an invisible remote. Then throughout the routine the spectator pushes differnt buttons. In the end they push rewind and it all goes backwards (jumbo coins shrinking, vanishing where they appeared,etc) and the coin falls up. In the beginning I drop the coin into one hand to the other, so when its rewinding it looks like it moves back to the hand it did before. I've never really seen this done anywhere.
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Nov 25, 2003 07:08PM)
Hey Dave,
I think that's the most clever idea I've ever heard from you!!!!! Not that the others have been bad or anything :shucks: I really like it man! Keep up the good work
Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Nov 25, 2003 07:43PM)
I'm glad you like it, there's a lot of possiblities for humor to be embedded into the trick.
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Nov 25, 2003 08:14PM)

The second application you've mentioned is the original use for the MP. See the description in Arthur Buckley's "Principles and Deceptions".

More recently, the MP has been used to:

Cause coins to appear in a glass held in your hand (coin MP'd up and falls into glass)

Cause coins to penetrate a glass table top visibly

Cause coins to travel invisibly from hand to hand (Akira Fujii's "Jet Coins")

Fly up into your hand from the other hand, held casually in your lap (i.e. a "reverse lapping" technique) Unfortunately, taught by Shoot Ogawa on Japanese Television

Animate a hankerchief drawn across the palm, ala "glorpy"

From two hands simultaneously to effect a visual copper/silver transposition

As a production of a coin from an Empty purse frame

As a production of a coin at the fingertips of the opposite hand

To effect the arrival of a coin in the spectator's cupped hands

To cause a silver dollar to come out of the coin return chute on a vending machine. This is an amusing gag, until your dollar gets stuck.

and a few others I'm not at liberty to reveal. Check out Reed's application, it's very cool.
Message: Posted by: redstreak (Nov 26, 2003 01:58AM)
On 2003-11-25 17:57, Harris wrote:
I believe the idea of using a HPC M.P. with a C/S as a hidden move is in print.

That took a little while to puzzle out :)
Message: Posted by: Chris "linkster" Watson (Nov 26, 2003 03:32AM)
Here is one for you.

Coin roll in the left hand, keeping a coin ready to MP in the right. At the last moment bring the right hand up to catch the coin as you let it roll off your left little finger and as it drops MP the right hands coin into the left hand. Pretend to place the coin that has just dropped into your back pocket, secretly placing it back into MP position. Repeat several times for a two coin misers dream type effect ;-D