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Topic: The Hedonists Make up all the Rules
Message: Posted by: TheNightBringer89 (Nov 25, 2003 03:31PM)
Hey guys! I've been very into my AoA Books lately and came accross this effect, I did a search and couldn't find any topics on it, so I just wondered if anyone ehre performs it and if they get good reactions to this effect? Thanks!

Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Nov 25, 2003 03:39PM)
It is an equivoque effect if I remember correctly. it is pretty good, though I have seen a lot better stuff (mentalism wise) using equivoque than this. this effect is average at best in the AoA series. Lots of other gems in there
Message: Posted by: submagi (Nov 25, 2003 05:06PM)
I used it and people were pretty stunned.
Message: Posted by: TheNightBringer89 (Nov 25, 2003 05:54PM)
Hmmm... I'm looking for some good impromptu mentalism effects like this, can you tell me where I could find some of this "better stuff"? Thanks alot!
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Nov 25, 2003 10:12PM)
Try any of the basic mentalism books out there....13 steps to mentalism by corinda, annemann's practical mental magic. david regal also has some great equivoque mental stuff in his constant fooling 2 volume and close up and personal.
Message: Posted by: pcummins (Nov 26, 2003 02:15AM)
Bill Herz and I were magic partners (billed as Artemus and Parnell, the Wizards of Ahhhs)for 18 or so years. For thirteen of these years we did a tour of summer camp shows in the New England states. During those tours we did ALOT of driving and during those drives we discussed and played with a ton of different types of routines. One of those routines was what we called "A Value," which Adam Fliescher retitled to "The Hedonists Make Up All The Rules" when he published it in Brainstorm in the Bahamas. At the time, Bill was booking Ammar, Daryl, and Harris in Club Meds around the world and he showed some combination of them our routine. He must have hit it pretty well, because they, or at least Adam, wanted the routine for the book. At that point I had moved to Florida to attend college and Bill called me up in Gainesville and said, "they want A Value for the book, write it up quick and send it to me." I wrote it up that day and sent it off. So, what you see in the Brainstorm book and in AoA, with the exception of three or four words that Adam added, is exactly what I wrote up and sent to Bill.

Bill and I both did the routine now and then - not with great frequency, however. While it can flop if all the spectator choices go wrong, it is a killer if most go well. The first time I met Paul Harris he told me that the very first time he tried the routine he asked for a number "like ace, three, or king," and the spectator named seven. He then asked for a suit, and the spectator named Spades - and, of course, Paul had predicted the seven of spades. He'd nailed it on the very first performance!

Ahhh, memories...

Message: Posted by: Ross W (Nov 26, 2003 08:51AM)
Wow! don'tcha love it when that happens!?

if you're thinking of trying it, why not check out other versions? I'm thinking of "The Trick That Cannot Be explained" in one of Vernon's Inner Secrets trilogy (can't remember which) or "Caculated Risk" in Lorayne's Close Up Card Magic. They're all based on the principle of multiple outs (rather than equivoque) but Harris's (or rather Paul Cummins's)trick has the advantage that you don't even need a deck of cards!
Message: Posted by: Lonewolf123 (Nov 26, 2003 08:52AM)
David Regal's new dvd set disc 3- the one with participation has some mentalism effects which are great in them.
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Jun 26, 2005 08:24AM)
Lots of psychological subtlety in Hedonists, gets a great reaction if done correctly though.