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Topic: What vanish was that!?!?!?!
Message: Posted by: tedski (Nov 26, 2003 02:27PM)
Ok - who remembers the Pelican Fly post from the past on the Café. I do - and as I recall, most everyone was stumped on the final one handed vanish (which appeared to be a coin thrown away). It was stated that this manuscript would detail the vanish.

Anyone hear of the manuscript? Is the vanish real, or not? I'm moderately tired of hearing 3 fly conversations, but this one vanish I have heard limited talk about - anyone else?
Message: Posted by: cperkins (Nov 26, 2003 02:44PM)
Can't help you Tedski with your question...but 10-4 on the 3fly talk!!!! Ugh!
Message: Posted by: leefoley3 (Nov 26, 2003 08:18PM)
Tedski, I'm not familiar with exactly what you're speaking of but, as far as one handed vanishes, I know that Curtis Kam covers one or two on "Palm of Steel" Vol.1

Hope this helps a little. Good luck, Lee. :bwink:
Message: Posted by: djvirtualreality (Nov 27, 2003 09:06AM)
Is this the vanish where you hold the coin with your thumb, forefinger, middle, and ring finger? It appears to be thrown up and is caught in the other hand. If so, this is demoed on penuinmagic.com by Oz for the flipper coin demo.
Message: Posted by: wsduncan (Nov 27, 2003 12:58PM)
The vanish Oz does on the flipper coin demo is Geoff Latta's "French Pop" vanish. It's the same vanish that Kenner published in his handling of 3 Fly in [i]Totally Out Of Control[/i].

Mind you it's not the vanish Kenner actually uses in his version of 3 Fly.

In my opinion the one handed vanish used by Gary Kurtz in Trio is much better... It's also a Geoff Latta creation.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Nov 27, 2003 02:14PM)
Tedski.. NOski, I saw the demo and it looked like the hand went off camera and dumped it... didn't seem worth worrying about. :spinningcoin: