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Topic: Coin Spinning
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Nov 26, 2003 03:14PM)
Not coin magic but a coin stunt:

Coin Spinning
The longest time a coin has been spun until coming to a complete rest is 19.37 seconds. It was accomplished by Britain's Scott Day at Earl's Court, London, UK, as part of BBC TV's Tomorrow's World roadshow. The record was first set in April 2004 with a spin of 16.7 seconds by Scotland's Sean Farrell at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

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Message: Posted by: tommy ng (Nov 26, 2003 05:57PM)
Thank you shareing :thanx:
Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Nov 26, 2003 09:37PM)
Jim Sisti has an interesting effect in this month's Magic Magizine that involves spinning a coin... Check out the Magic on the Menu column.
Message: Posted by: Bob Parnez (Nov 27, 2003 02:26AM)
April 2004 hasn't come yet.