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Topic: How to make a thrown object disappear
Message: Posted by: majhra (Nov 26, 2003 07:35PM)
Greetings all,

I'm after some assistance. Does anyone know of reference to an effect similar to (or the same as) throwing a ball (or other object) into the crowd (or towards someone) that never arrives, or disappears in transit?

All assistance welcome.

Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Nov 26, 2003 09:21PM)
There are various ways to accomplish that effect, e.g., by use of a pull, Topit, or holdout.
Message: Posted by: RandomEffects (Nov 27, 2003 12:09AM)
I actually use a method that may or may not work for this effect. While it is not the same, it can be easily modified to work for anyone. During my cups and balls routine I have a young boy or girl come forward and throw the ball at the cup, only to have it vanish mid transit and reappear under the cup.

Now as this is the open forum and not the "Secret Sessions," I would not tell how this is done, though many of you out there may know. But if you want, PM me and I will share with you the incredibly easy method of doing the trick.
Message: Posted by: pcamel (Mar 3, 2004 02:39PM)
Are there any practical ways of making something disappear while really throwing it? with pulls you can't throw that far, and topits you're not really throwing it.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Mar 3, 2004 02:55PM)
There are at least a couple of really good stage type methods.

Where specifically do you expect / desire to vanish what when tossed where and toward what?

IE The methods applicable depend on the circumstances.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 3, 2004 02:57PM)
Yes, it is the retension of vision vanish. When I seen a Greg Fergson (I can't recall the proper last name) hit his rope knot with his paddle out into the audience, and it visually turned into a dove. That was magic. I really believed it was turned into a dove in mid air. A fantastic illusion.
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Mar 3, 2004 05:03PM)
I think it was Greg Frewen but my spelling might be off too.

You're right, it was as close to looking like "real magic" as I've seen in a long time.