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Topic: Dealer's Room Update
Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (May 1, 2013 10:17AM)
Hey my friends,

The Dealer's room is an important part of MINDvention... it gives us a chance to see some of the newest effects and technologies from some of the best and brightest people in the business. I wanted to welcome our newest exhibitor Labco back again for 2013. If you have a favorite vendor that you want to display their wares at MINDvention, please have them contact me at dannyarchermagic@gmail.com as the room is almost sold out. I hope that you will have the chance to join us in Las Vegas and see the wonders that the best vendor's have to offer... [url=http://www.mindvention.net]MINDvention[/url]

Bill Pearce
Tony Miller
Paul Carnazzo
Dirk Losander
Pro Mystic
Chris Taylor
Jamie Salinas
Mark Strivings
Message: Posted by: jamiesalinas (Jul 24, 2013 03:51PM)

It has been three years in the making but it is finally here. I will have the latest version of the Pro Stealth Communicator in stock! For those that are not familiar with what it is...

This product allows the mentalist the ability to receive up to eight codes from a secret assistant.

This device uses the latest technology in wireless communication and is digitally encoded. The receiver is about the size of a wooden match box and is powered by one AAA battery. The transmitter is the size of a car alarm remote and can transmit one of eight different codes. The wireless signal can pass through walls, floors and doors. The unit has a maximum operating range of 300 feet!

You will also recieve a PDF ebook on CD with detailed instructions as well as many routines and ideas from Jamie Salinas, Gene Protas, Luca Volpe and more! Included in the package is a strap to attach the receiver to your arm or leg.

"Tiny, reliable, deceptive and an open doorway to endless opportunities to deceive and entertain." - Banachek, World's Number One Thought Reader

I will also have on DVD, the latest version of "Lotto Fever". This is the closing routine from my shows. I have booked many shows from customers seeing me perform this routine. I get standing ovations on this routine all of the time.

For those that do not know what this is:

Imagine being able to predict six random numbers selected by six random volunteers in this Lotto themed routine that packs small and plays HUGE. Jamie has developed a routine that is logical, practical and can be performed at the head of a dinner table to the largest of theaters. This routine requires no special props and was designed for the solo performer.

The routine is fully detailed with instructions, patter and step by step instructions to teach you this diabolical routine. This routine is taken straight from Jamie's shows with nothing held back.

In addition to these two items, we will have items from Alchemy Moon, Banachek and more! See you in November!

Jamie Salinas