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Topic: Once Removed
Message: Posted by: SShawUK (May 3, 2013 02:41PM)
I never know how best to approach this, but here goes, hoping I don't get shot down in flames.
I am the co-author of a digital manuscript that is about ready to be launched for purchase.
I would legitimately like to get some further honest feedback from folks on the Café.
The first 10 people to drop me a PM get a copy.

It's a think-a-card plot. I love it. I'm biased

All I ask is that if you do get a copy, you take the time to absorb the content, understand the material, and give me your honest feedback.
Warmest Regards,
Stephen Shaw

p.s. Obviously include your email address in the PM.
Message: Posted by: SShawUK (May 4, 2013 02:13AM)
All ten copies flew out in a matter of minutes. My inbox is swamped, and I'm very pushed for time, so to those of you who have not received a response, I'd like to thank you for offering to read my work.
Warmest regards,
Message: Posted by: SShawUK (May 4, 2013 05:48AM)
Whilst I was planning on keeping this from going public until the 10 reviewers were able to provide feedback on the content of the work, I have been inundated with requests from others asking when it would be available for sale.
I have decided to share the following link, which will allow any interested parties to purchase "Once Removed" if they so wish. I am very proud of this piece, and will ensure that any purchaser is updated with any changes that might result from our proof-readers' and reviewers' efforts.
I am assuming that the majority of requests have come from people who are already familiar with the work of my co-author, Michael Murray, rather than me, a relative nobody. Knowing Michael's other releases have been absolute genius, I can appreciate why someone might want to see what else comes from his furtive mind.
http://once-removed.co.uk is a very basic site, with no frills, bells or whistles, which I have setup to allow interested parties to purchase this effect.
Warmest Regards,
Stephen Shaw