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Topic: UP UP AND AWAY .....
Message: Posted by: Paul Romhany (May 7, 2013 08:30AM)
VANISH is growing from strength to strength. The brand new website is now complete and here you will have access to the contents of back issues. We recently secured a major deal that will see my original goal of reaching 100,000 readers become a reality! Of course this is great news for our advertisers.

All current issues (those for a current year) will always be FREE and back issues available at a minimum price for each year. So YEAR ONE will be available from most magic shops who offer downloads, as well as our own website, for $9.95 - which for six amazing issues is a *** great deal!! My suggestion is to join the free newsletter from our website and download each issue as they come out - that way it's all FREE. I send out the newsletter to let readers know of updates and when the next issue is available.

To keep VANISH free I have had to come up with ways to make a little income to pay for running the magazine - and offering each past year is one small way of doing this. I've bundled up YEAR ONE so you will get all six issues as a download.

Be sure to visit http://www.vanishmagazine.com and look around the updated website.
Message: Posted by: Paul Romhany (May 8, 2013 11:37AM)
You can now donwnload ALL six issues as a bundle from https://revizzit.com/product/1392