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Topic: Do any magic for Thanksgiving?
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 28, 2003 07:28AM)
I went to a club late at night. Two weird/drunk men competed with me doing close-up. It wasn't easy, but I won.
Message: Posted by: Payne (Nov 28, 2003 11:21AM)
Had some friends over and they asked to see something so I showed them a new card trick I've been working on based on "The Da Vinci Code."
Message: Posted by: Maestro (Nov 28, 2003 03:11PM)
I showed some card magic to my relatives, and they liked it a lot. :D

I ended up doing "Red Hot Mama" and Sankey's "Diehard Opener."
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Nov 28, 2003 06:02PM)
I had two paid performances for two different gatherings. Over 60 people at the first and about 200 at the second! Both venues had DJs for after the feast and some variety entertainment before the feast. Strangly, no one seemed to miss watching football!
Message: Posted by: Samuel Catoe (Nov 28, 2003 11:03PM)
I was at work all night for Thanksgiving. I work in a Correctional Facilty (prison) and am happy to report that none of our residents decided to perform "The Vanishing Inmate" last night. :rotf:

Message: Posted by: Kathryn Novak (Dec 4, 2003 03:13PM)
I managed to pull the packages out of the turkey BEFORE I put it in the oven. If that's not magic, I don't know what is.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Rice (Dec 4, 2003 06:18PM)
I did Jay Sankey's Airtight.It was a lot of fun. The reactions I got were almost scary.
Message: Posted by: Twitch (Dec 5, 2003 02:24AM)
I worked most of the night but after we closed some of us were sitting at the bar talking and I performed Arrow Split Arrow from Paul Harris's AoA series for the first time. The reactions were well worth the 4 months of practice I put into that effect.
Message: Posted by: BradleyNott (Dec 10, 2003 04:45PM)
I performed an ambitious routine for my grandparents.

When I inserted the card face up in a marlo tilt as a get ready for a color change my Grandmother whispered to my Grandfather "Oh! I saw it didn't really go into the deck!" That was even before the color change took place. Talk about a tough crowd!

Anyway I finished the routine after some more moves and have since fixed the problems with my "flashing" tilt.

I floored my Grandmother with color monte though since I knew I had to redeem myself and magic as a whole.

I used my grandfather's signed card for the kicker at the end. She loved it.