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Topic: Short Stage Act
Message: Posted by: Chris Cheong (May 23, 2013 08:58PM)
Hey people!,

Just sharing a video of my doing a short stage act. Hope to hear more from you on how did I do. :)


And if you have a stage act video, then maybe you can share here as well.
Message: Posted by: parmenion (May 24, 2013 04:27AM)
Hi Chris,

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to start by metal bending as you need immediately to go out of the stage.
Maybe start by a macro effect involving the whole auience and catch immediately the audience at large will be better.
You can at the beginning throw forks to some people on the front and they throw them back to you after you macro effect.
As the forks fall on the floor people can understand it's also real forks, then start you metal bending.
Message: Posted by: Stephen Young (May 24, 2013 05:02AM)
Wow I like that Parmesan :)

Walk out on stage and start throwing forks at the audience. :)

You sometimes get on my nerves...but today you bring a nice bit of humour to go with my lunch.

Thanks for the image I now have of the whole front row with forks sticking out of their chests :)

Message: Posted by: Looch (May 24, 2013 05:30AM)
Lol its actually happened before.....I remember the story of a London mentalist who hit a member of the audience in the head with a piece of silverware
Message: Posted by: Stephen Young (May 24, 2013 05:48AM)
Message: Posted by: parmenion (May 24, 2013 05:55AM)
On 2013-05-24 06:30, looch wrote:
Lol its actually happened before.....I remember the story of a London mentalist who hit a member of the audience in the head with a piece of silverware
Yes, it was with a spoon but he performer handle it well and has taken advantage of it to do this routine:
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (May 24, 2013 08:06AM)
Thanks for sharing your video.

There many many inconsistencies I saw with you and your performance. To me this is one of the problems with mentalism today.
You begin by claiming that you are a mentalist. Then you immediately start to mention "magic" a lot when trying to exhibit and showcase mentalism. This is confusing to an audience (to me "magic" should never be mentioned.) Is it real mentalism or is it magic? You say
"Who knows what there are? They are playing cards a basic of all magicians...you need to have cards if you're a magician". Do you want them to believe you are a mentalist doing feats of amazement with your mind, or a magician doing a card trick?

You then say "People come up to me all the time and say "can you really read people's mind" I say no that's Bull*&@t! No one can really reads people's mind but we can read things like body language..." (nice of you to bash all "real" psychic mentalists in the process of your show). What's worse is then you continue on and use non-body language, but psychic methods for the other effects. Very incongruent to your character and the supposed methods you are using. This is a problem with a disclaimer.

Bending metal by using body language is a far-fetched stretch to believe. Again very inconsistent. Your performance could be much more believable and impactful if you would commit to one approach consistently

(To the audience members you say) "if I don't get it, it's your fault". I would never put the blame on the audience or make them be in the hot seat if something goes wrong. It should always be the performer's fault.

Just trying to give you my thoughts not stir up problems. I appreciate you posting it and think it offers food for thought for everyone.
Message: Posted by: Chris Cheong (May 24, 2013 11:36AM)
Thanks for all the advices I get here :) Will definitely work on to improve myself and my performances.

To Answer The "Metal Bending" section:

I was doing an opening act for a Korean artist and during pre-show the organizer promoted a lot on my fork bending effect. So I have got to do that (Since they purposely gave me a projector live feed). I usually start my stage show with either John Archer "Blank Night" or the "Arm Twisting".


Also I love adding one liner & comedy element to my performances. (Trying to blend with my local audiences style)

And "(To the audience members you say) "if I don't get it, it's your fault".) - This line, I learned many years ago from another performances, which I forgot who. It is a very funny one liner where I always get great respond from my audiences.

And finally thank you for pointing out my inconsistent character. (Maybe I'm trying to be entertainer instead of mentalism & magician, and started losing my character.) Will definitely look into it.

Above all - thank you all so much for your feedbacks and views, I have definitely learned and realize a lot about my show! Now I have got work to do to improve myself! :)


Perhaps you guys can share some video here too.
Message: Posted by: parmenion (May 24, 2013 11:44AM)
You are the master of you act, not the organiser for obvious reason, you do the show not him.
Besides as he was impressed by you forks if you don't do it during the show it's even better!
He'll hire you again to show it to the audience;-)audience

Twisted arm? Ah!