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Topic: Brigadooning
Message: Posted by: Atlas (May 25, 2013 04:32PM)
I recently saw a post arguing the merits of selling instructional material after performances. Some argued that it should be done and that it was part of a great marketing strategy, and others argued against it, saying that it was a mistake and could be misleading.

I have my own marketing system that I have used for quite some time that I was tempted to share, but the thread became somewhat contentious, so I moved on without posting. I also was not sure about sharing too much as I use this system constantly and wanted to keep it somewhat exclusive.

I've spent some time thinking it over, however, and decided that I could share this approach without making it too broadly known. I've seen other creators release their ideas as “limited releases” and I didn't want to do that.

I've decided instead to introduce an idea I call “Brigadooning”.

Inspired by the fictional Scottish village of Brigadoon, which appeared for one day every hundred years and then subsequently disappeared, I've decided to do that with a few of my products. Occasionally and often without fanfare, I will make one of my creations available on my website for a day or so and then remove it.

While many ideas are suitable for wider release, the reasons I'd like to adopt this approach to selling some of my ideas that I don't want to release more broadly is that:

1. I can ensure relative exclusivity by offering something for a day or two every year or so; and
2. If I want to share my ideas with others for free (which I occasionally do – especially with younger performers who are seeking a mentor), I am not contractually obligated to keep to a limited number of copies.

It just made sense to me that some ideas are best disbursed in this fashion and can be therefore shared without saturating the market or limiting the creator's freedom to share his work with others.

I will therefore be “Brigadooning” one of my approaches to marketing my services, beginning today.

This is available [url=http://www.atlasmentalism.com/AtlasProductsCatalog.html] Here. [/url]



I should emphasize that this is for English speakers only.