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Topic: ESP Openers - Pablo Amira
Message: Posted by: GDGrey (Jun 2, 2013 05:42AM)
Disclaimer: I got this as a freebie, from my friend & collaborator Pablo ;)

A book of "openers", as the title suggests, meaning both close-up and stage openers in this case.

You won't need the full pack of ESP cards for ESPeriments 1 + 2. In fact you could make up the cards you do need for these two openers out of any card stock you have handy, if you don't actually own a set of ESP cards. Either effect will take about 10 seconds to set up permanently.

ESPeriment 2 in particular caught my attention, I think this will make a nice prelude to my existing ESP-card routine.

ESPeriment 3 is something that, as written, recommends Michael Murray's Beyond ESP cards, which I don't own, but I've earmarked as a purchase as I found out some more about them. However, you could [i]possibly[/i] figure something out to work this effect without those particular cards. Another quick effect that could form part of a larger routine with ESP cards.

ESP No Chair Test is, indeed, not a chair test... LOL. It is a longer routine than the preceding quickies, and is not so much a close up effect as a stage/parlour effect. As an opener to such a show it has a nice element of audience participation built in that would kick off proceedings in a fun way.

There are some other nice ideas in the manuscript for various milieux too, and again you might not even need some ESP cards per se for some of them. I really enjoyed reading this book and, as ever, I got to thinking tangentially about how the ideas in here could be applicable to entirely different contexts, not necessarily involving ESP symbols.

Website: http://espopeners.blogspot.co.uk/ - I guess you can contact Pablo here on the Café too.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jun 4, 2013 08:40AM)
Thankd for your words mate.

ESP Openers is a compendium of real world workers from my own repertoire.
The material that I am lecturing and performing daily, is on there.